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Could GOP States Really Stop Pregnant People From Traveling to Get Abortions? via @thenation 


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Now That Al Franken Is Gone, Democrats Need to Hold Hearings on Trump via @thenation 

Whoa! This is from @thenation  ! The Democrats' Russia narrative is imploding

This is the time to read this-- Frederick Douglass' "What to the Slave Is the Fourth of July?’ via @thenation 

Congratulations to @thenation  and @TheOnion  on their new content sharing agreement.

"Trump’s Crony Cabinet May Look Strong, but They Are Scared" - my new piece in @thenation 

Ran month ago but worth reading today--Trump’s Foreign-Policy Appointees are Set to Provoke War With Iran @thenation 

Wake up, media: Donald Trump Is the Greatest Threat to American Democracy in Our Lifetime via @thenation 

The GOP’s Attack on Voting Rights Was the Most Under-Covered Story of 2016 via @thenation  @ariberman 

Inequality Will Not Go Away On Its Own. Here’s How to Close the Gap. via @thenation