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What's next for Joel and Ellie? We're digging into what #TheLastOfUs  Season 2 may hold.

#TheLastofUs has changed the game.

The Last of Us came under criticism from fans who said there "wasn't enough" infected #TheLastOfUs 

Hmmm just watched final ep of #TheLastOfUs  now to partake of the discourse

Find out where #TheLastOfUs  (96%) ranks among the best HBO shows of all time.

This weekend's finale pushes #TheLastOfUs  back to the top of our TV rankings.

The final episode aired on Sunday and bosses are already talking about "doing better" #TheLastOfUs 

It's been an emotional rollercoaster... especially for Pedro Pascal and @bellaramsey  🥹 #TheLastOfUs 

#TheLastofUs hits new series-high viewership despite finale airing against the #Oscars  ⬇️


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These #TheLastOfUs  episodes really are phenomenal work, week after week. Gustavo's music hit me deep tonight.

Looking for the official #TheLastOfUs  playlist? 🔦 It’s available on Spotify now 👉

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Clicker sound design is so on point. #TheLastOfUs 

To the edge of the universe and back. #TheLastOfUs  premieres 16th January on Sky

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#TheLastOfUs will officially premiere January 15 on HBO Max.

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Save who you can save. #TheLastOfUs  is coming 2023 to Sky. @PlaystationUK  #TLOU  #TLOUDay