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It was all laid out, one day a Voice came to me in 2018 2019 I don't remember all I know TFG was still president. The Voice said tell the story. It scared me I said I don't kno how the Voice said don't worry I will give u the words then I started writing.

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Dirty Business: Mike Fanone who took his son to the Capitol on Jan 6 as he attacked police officers is sentenced to more than 7 yrs in prison & the cult leader is still a free man. Fanone’s lawyer said he was infected with lies. RT he listened to TFG and drank the Kool-Aid.

Dirty Business: WashPo reports Trump told lawyer in Feb to say all documents were returned. The lawyer refused. Trump told him to stay out of the matter. TFG told aids to issue a statement “fake news.” Instead said returned in a “friendly manner. TFG packed the boxes himself

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Dirty Business: Are you indigenous to this country, Native Indian or Mexican? If not, you are an immigrant or forced to be an immigrant. Welcome, everyone! Welcome to America, the stolen land where everyone is equal and no one is above the law. RT NY AG James and 11th CircuitTFG

Dirty Business: TFG. Who that? Surely you must know TFG. Everybody knows him National Security threat, leader of Insurrectionists MAGA Republican Party surely you heard of him. Oh yes .. Okay good you remember… Yes sorry he’s still President right?

If a name is everything, what would you name a restaurant using TGF's name? For example, "The TFG POS BBQ and RIBS." Yeah, I think I might copyright that name. 😂🤣

Slow down don't click too fast too much too often landmines bot sweeps raids are everywhere TFG called Rudy epic mayor the Eliott Ness of our generation he got raided lost his computers burner phones texts emails both could end up cellmates.

Dirty Business: I wonder what John Gottie would think of TFG? The real Mafia Boss John Joseph Gotti Jr. was an American gangster and boss of the Gambino crime family in New York City died June 10, 2002, US Medical Center for Federal Prisoners, Springfield, MO -Wikipedia

Dirty Business: I got a bad feeling that TFG is making it bad for Ron DeSantis. He sent a warning shot I made you. You'd be nothing without me. “I would tell you things about him that won’t be very flattering – I know more about him than anybody– other than, perhaps, his wife.”

Dirty Business: He told the mob on Jan. 6. Go home, “We love you.” You’re very special. Hmm…. for a traumatic narcissist with zero feelings to use those words “love you,” there was something he felt extremely passionate about. RT if you believe Justice is coming for TFG.


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Smart marketing move for @Twitter . Now everyone comes to see what trump does. Awful for trump. The pressure is on him to entertain. Tweets hit different as the President vs now being TFG

The affidavit is out. Refers to Trump as FPOTUS. A more official version of TFG.

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@djrothkopf  One of the things I love about Joe is that he clearly believes in the idea of America. Former Guy never did for a second; only believed in how anything and everything benefited him and what had been done for him lately. Fold in TFG's criming, and the difference is mind-boggling.

Every journalist needs to confront Elise Stefanik with the details of the rampant corruption of the #TrumpCrimeFamily  while TFG held office, from emoluments received via Trump hotels and businesses… to Ivanka’s Chinese trademarks… to the $2 billion #SaudiTrump  payoff to Jared.

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South African fashion retailer the Foschini Group (TFG) plans to expand its local manufacturing network from 6 sites to 16. Manufacturing more locally means it'll be less reliant on global supply chains. TFG plans to add around 6,000 people to its head count. Via @mwtreherne 

You would think that a President refusing to step in to save the life of his loyal Vice President would be enough to convince anyone that TFG is a criminal psychopath who should be locked away forever, but Tucker Carlson is still insisting… (1/2)

@ACTBrigitte  @AmazingPlaces7  "Like "💙 THIS TWEET if you believe TFGBelongs LOCKED UP IN PRISON! RETWEET THIS TWEET if you believe it is taking too long to get him there. #TRUMP4PRISON  #TRUMP4JAIL 

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Greg Abbott’s pathetic border stunt cost the country $9 billion. Ron DeSantis’s bigoted Disney stunt will cost 2 Florida counties $1 billion a year forever. And Kevin McCarthy’s attack on the NYT collapses in hours as the audiotape proves he’s a liar who did want TFG to resign.

TFG’s gaslighting aside, the truth is: Trump’s own adviser called his deal with the Taliban a “capitulation agreement,” Trump undermined #Afghanistan 's government, Trump let the SIV program languish, & Trump enabled release of 5k Taliban fighters from prison onto the battlefield.