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Dirty Business: You should stay with the program. What happens if TFG flips “If you throw me under the bus I got insurance." But, no! Instead, you wanted to suck up!!! Rudy Giuliani "Happy Birthday, President Trump! Everyone says they miss your policies!"

Dirty Business: The judge what's her name yeah that's it, she wanted to give TFG a free pass. You owe me, "Someday, and that day may never come, I will call upon you to do a service for me." She took the membership OATH. RT eyes are wide open & the shit is about to hit the fan.

Dirty Business: Trump on talk radio, if reelected he wud give full pardons & apologies to many "I am financially supporting people that are incredible people they were n my office, so they’re very much n my mind,” RT if you believe TFG is lying never supported anybody but himself

TymeBank is expanding its rapidly growing reach by partnering with TFG.

Dirty Business: The defamation trial. Call it what you want. E. Jean Carrol got the 10yr old DNA stain of Donald Trump and says that he raped her. He claims he never met her and she’s not his type refuses DNA test to prove his innocence. RT just another lie in the life of TFG.

Dirty Business: I wonder what John Gottie would think of TFG? The real Mafia Boss John Joseph Gotti Jr. was an American gangster and boss of the Gambino crime family in New York City died June 10, 2002, US Medical Center for Federal Prisoners, Springfield, MO -Wikipedia

Dirty Business: Are you indigenous to this country, Native Indian or Mexican? If not, you are an immigrant or forced to be an immigrant. Welcome, everyone! Welcome to America, the stolen land where everyone is equal and no one is above the law. RT NY AG James and 11th CircuitTFG

Dirty Business: Rudy Giuliani disbarment hearing lists Peter Navarro as a witness to defend him & fellow TFG dream team conspirator Jenna Ellis. Navarro waiting for trial contempt of Congress and Ellis, GA probe. OMG U can’t make this shit up.. funnier than “My Cousin Vinnie.”

Dirty Business: Trump lying again “Terrible the way the FBI threw documents haphazardly all over the floor (pretending it was me that did it!) then took pictures for the public. Thought they wanted them kept Secret? Lucky I Declassified!" RT if you believe TFG is a psychopath.

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Dirty Business: The President of the United States should not be a “traumatic narcissist,” which is worse than a regular narcissist who loves only himself. A Traumatic narcissist has a "deleterious effect" on people E.g. cult leaders Jim Jones, Charles Manson, and TFG— on Jan 6.


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Smart marketing move for @Twitter . Now everyone comes to see what trump does. Awful for trump. The pressure is on him to entertain. Tweets hit different as the President vs now being TFG

The affidavit is out. Refers to Trump as FPOTUS. A more official version of TFG.

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@djrothkopf  One of the things I love about Joe is that he clearly believes in the idea of America. Former Guy never did for a second; only believed in how anything and everything benefited him and what had been done for him lately. Fold in TFG's criming, and the difference is mind-boggling.

Every journalist needs to confront Elise Stefanik with the details of the rampant corruption of the #TrumpCrimeFamily  while TFG held office, from emoluments received via Trump hotels and businesses… to Ivanka’s Chinese trademarks… to the $2 billion #SaudiTrump  payoff to Jared.

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South African fashion retailer the Foschini Group (TFG) plans to expand its local manufacturing network from 6 sites to 16. Manufacturing more locally means it'll be less reliant on global supply chains. TFG plans to add around 6,000 people to its head count. Via @mwtreherne 

You would think that a President refusing to step in to save the life of his loyal Vice President would be enough to convince anyone that TFG is a criminal psychopath who should be locked away forever, but Tucker Carlson is still insisting… (1/2)

@ACTBrigitte  @AmazingPlaces7  "Like "💙 THIS TWEET if you believe TFGBelongs LOCKED UP IN PRISON! RETWEET THIS TWEET if you believe it is taking too long to get him there. #TRUMP4PRISON  #TRUMP4JAIL 

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Greg Abbott’s pathetic border stunt cost the country $9 billion. Ron DeSantis’s bigoted Disney stunt will cost 2 Florida counties $1 billion a year forever. And Kevin McCarthy’s attack on the NYT collapses in hours as the audiotape proves he’s a liar who did want TFG to resign.

TFG’s gaslighting aside, the truth is: Trump’s own adviser called his deal with the Taliban a “capitulation agreement,” Trump undermined #Afghanistan 's government, Trump let the SIV program languish, & Trump enabled release of 5k Taliban fighters from prison onto the battlefield.