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$LUNA 05/17 -Announcement out 05/18 -Governance proposal out 05/21 -TerraCore release is cut, network launch instructions made available for validators 05/25 -Essential app developer registration completed 05/27-Genesis file created from final launch snapshot 5/27 Network launch

Terra's failure revealed a lot about the inner workings of stablecoins, the fallibility of developers, and much more.

It’s Sunday, and here are 5 stories that outline significant market trends that I think were largely overlooked this past week. Not talking about the price moves, or the Terra implosion (although perhaps tangentially) – just trend-shaping news that deserves more attention. /1🧵

DeFi believers never say die, even after they see Terra’s demise

Terra's stunning $60 billion collapse is a tale of new money falling victim to an old-school bank run

The Next Terra Luna for Billionaire Hackers to Exploit...

Terra Has Paid All Taxes In Full, Terraform’s Do Kwon Says #Cryptocurrency 

CZ Declines Suggestion to Take Over from Do Kwon as Head of Terra (LUNA) and Bail out UST in Recent Reddit AMA

The family office of billionaires Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss will serve as a test case for the staying power of crypto startups after TerraUSD’s collapse and as rates and recession fears rise


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BREAKING: Terra has proposed to rename and create a new blockchain for $LUNA without $UST.

BREAKING: Terra Founder Do Kwon has proposed a new community-owned chain for $LUNA.

JUST IN: The suspect that trespassed the apartment of Terra CEO Do Kwon was reportedly an investor who lost $2.3 million.

JUST IN: VeChain ( $VET ) is offering up to $30,000 to Terra $LUNA developers to help them migrate to its blockchain.

JUST IN: Polygon CEO Ryan Wyatt offered to help #Terra  projects by transitioning them over to the #Polygon  network.

JUST IN: US US SEC Commissioner Hester Peirce says stablecoins are likely to be regulated in light of Terra's $UST crash.

JUST IN: #Terra  CEO Do Kwon's spouse has requested police protection after an unknown person visited their home and rang the doorbell.

JUST IN: Terra has announced plans to burn $1.4 billion $UST and stake 240 million $LUNA.

Terra Luna cryptocurrency price One week ago: $82.5 Now: $0.03