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Tensions soar on the border between Kosovo and Serbia Follow us on Telegram:

Kosovo deploys police at Serbia border amid soaring tensions between neighbors Follow us on Telegram:

Vessel rescues migrants crossing Mediterranean Sea Follow us on Telegram:

A suspect entered the Perm State University campus, some 800 miles east of Moscow and began shooting on Monday morning, the university said on its Telegram channel.

US company denies the dangers of its GenX chemical Follow us on Telegram:

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Islamic State claimed responsibility for a series of bomb attacks in the city of Jalalabad in eastern Afghanistan, the group's Amaaq News Agency said on its Telegram channel on Sunday.

‘Bald Fest’ | The first-ever baldness celebration held in US Follow us on Telegram:


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"The battle for Myanmar plays out on Twitter, TikTok and Telegram. Young activists are risking arrest and using technology to ensure that their campaign for democracy continues in the face of a military clampdown on the internet."

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Big Tech Censorship is getting worse and if these Tyrants banned my father, the President of the United States, who won’t they ban? We need a place that I can connect to you guys that respects Free Speech That’s why I joined Telegram. Follow my channel:

Just noticed I was trending on Twitter. I’m not sure exactly which direction that’s going, but in case it’s one of those things that leads to me being banned like many other conservative voices on here go follow me on Telegram

The 3 journalistic units most devoted to demanding online censorship are CNN's media reporters, NBC's "disinformation team," and NYT's tech reporters. Here's the latter laying the groundwork for making encrypted apps Signal & Telegram the next targets:

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WhatsApp will share its users' personal information, including phone numbers, IP addresses, contacts, & more with Facebook from Feb. 8, according to the new T&Cs. No opt-out. The only way to object is to leave the service & move to a service like Signal or Telegram.

This is how President Harry Truman reacted to a reckless, lying demagogue. Unsent telegram from Truman to Joe McCarthy, 1950:

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'telegram'>Nth Telegram Room' main perpetrator Joo Jin Mo (Baksa) says he targeted BTS fan cafes for victims

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What is @AKoinOfficial , and how will it help #Africa ? See my answer in the video below. Join our telegram to learn more:

More absurdity: telegram'>Fort Worth Star-Telegram urges that ALL golf courses be closed. NEWS FLASH: if you’re not able to play golf at least 6 feet away from everyone else, you’re doing it wrong....