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If the people reject Joe Biden and keep a GOP majority in the Senate, they will have spoken powerfully for our constitutional system and the authority of our elected lawmakers to make our laws. writes Ted Diadiun.

Ted Cruz suggests Democrats boycott Barrett hearing to avoid smears and confirm her faster

@GlennonDavinia  I apologise for the long handling time. If you have initiated the refund of the seat reservation fees, then you can be assured that they will be processed as soon as possible. /Ted

Ted Baker signs men's formalwear licence agreement with Leeds-based Wm Baird. Follows two similar deals with Next

WELCOME HOME: San Luis Obispo County Sheriff's Deputy Richard "Ted" Lehnhoff was escorted back home from the hospital on Sunday. Deputy Lehnoff was shot during an ambush in Templeton on Thursday. (Video: San Luis Obispo County Sheriff's Office)

An authenticated account of how the Holy Rosary protected a potential victim of the serial killer Ted Bundy. #Rosary  #Miracles 

This Week in South Florida: Rep. Ted Deutch discusses President Trump's SCOTUS nomination

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Sen. Ted Cruz came to Las Vegas to give a boost to two Republican congressional challengers.

ted cruz'>Texas Senator Ted Cruz was in town Saturday to hold a roundtable discussion with the Las Vegas Police Protective Association to speak about law and order, the current unrest that's been present throughout this year and the violence toward police.


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‘I can think of nothing more American.’ — Beto O'Rourke — the man taking on Ted Cruz — brilliantly explains why NFL players kneeling during the anthem is not disrespectful

Ted Wheeler has blood on his hands. He decided to play politics and refused @realDonald Trump's offer to send the National Guard to end the riots and now an innocent Trump supporter is dead at the hands of the radical leftwing mob because of it. He's a disgrace!!!

Ted Wheeler, the wacky Radical Left Do Nothing Democrat Mayor of Portland, who has watched great death and destruction of his City during his tenure, thinks this lawless situation should go on forever. Wrong! Portland will never recover with a fool for a Mayor....

If the incompetent Mayor of Portland, Ted Wheeler, doesn’t get control of his city and stop the Anarchists, Agitators, Rioters and Looters, causing great danger to innocent people, we will go in and take care of matters the way they should have been taken care of 100 days ago!

What would you give to watch Ted Cruz try to live off of a single $1,200 check for 4 months?

“If girls grow up in a world where words like 'crazy' and 'psycho' and 'hysterical' are casually used to describe female enthusiasm, how does that shape the way those girls see themselves?” Watch@YveBlake 's full TEDTalk here:

Great job Ted. Country is proud of you!!!

They got caught. Some very nervous criminals out there. Thank you Ted!

@edsheeran why you no answer the telephone ted ?

Oh some Craic last night at my house with the LIC ! Few drinks, father ted box set! What else would ya want ? #LIC