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I fully Support @IEBCKenya  on the phasing out of the MANUAL Voter Register.... Kuna watu wameumia sana....manajua ni nani.... Details later...

Leading loyalist David Stitt and four other men were today accused of taking part in an illegal NI Protocol protest parade.

@beacupin  @Xiao_Chua .: @Xiao_Chua  If a vice president is not given a cabinet position where he or she will be busy, then what they will do is to campaign all over the country. Nasa biography ‘yan ni Diosdado Macapagal. #36Years  WATCH:

Bakit paulit ulit ang reminder ni Coach NOT TO ENTER SOLANA muna??? You got saved, almost from being rekt! lets discuss few more warnings today sa live ni Coach!

Also - I’m muting this tweet ngoba ni weird. My point remains don’t ruin peoples excitement with your two cents ungacelwanga… we can never experience things the same anyway. So tlogela batho hle. I might actually like it in winter and I might find them shoes comfortable.

Liz Truss defended the NI protocol bill as a 'patriot' – it completely backfired

Scrapping the NI protocol is just the start. Johnson’s trade wars are Trumpism in action | Simon Jenkins

EU starting to sound like the Knights who say "Ni".

‘As a business, all we want from the NI Protocol is stability and consistency’: Trevor Magill of Centra owner Musgrave in NI

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Why a strategy on childcare in NI would be of great benefit ✍🏻 Marie Marin


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Please remind the @duponline  every time, again and again, the border in the Irish Sea was caused by Brexit, not the EU, not the Irish government, not the majority in NI that wanted to stay in the EU. You @duponline  caused this, you agitated for it, you own it. It's your fault!

NiNE yEArS oF SeMPiterNaL. tHAnK U 🖤

Undermining rule of law and operating as tho rules don’t apply to those who make them has been a big part of PutinOrbanModiBolsonaroTrumpErdoganDuterteChavez autocrat playbook. Johnson is playing same game. Prorogation of Parliament. NI Protocol. Partygate. This is not trivial

‘FAVORITE NA NI MAMA, FAVORITE PA NI LORD’ LOOK: Award-winning singer-songwriter Taylor Swift will be a speaker at the graduation of Vice President Leni Robredo’s youngest daughter, Jillian, from New York University on May 18.

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Hey @RishiSunak  you’ve just pushed 1.3m people into absolute poverty this year including 500,000 children.UC rise abolished , NI increase , not feeding children in a pandemic etc . You’re building a truly great record of achievements. Keep smiling for those photo opportunities👍

Lesson of the day is, 1. have a heart. 2. think before you say something stupid on social media. 3. learn about other people's pain 4. educate yourself before forming an opinion. haih kau ni pun.

Not long until the NI OPEN at hosted by . Get your FREE tickets today at !

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So, a special deal is done for public services in NI. In return, their MPs block help for public servants in England. How can that be right?


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