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Video: As girls over Grade 6 in Afghanistan still are not allowed to attend secondary school, dozens of school-age girls have turned to learning tailoring and knitting. #TOLOnews 

YTD, the S&P 500 price only is down 23.31% (blue). 96 years shown here. Only worse years YTD through Sept 26: 1974 = -31.87 (bad recession year) 2002 = -29.73% (war in Afghanistan, Iraq coming) 1931 = -28.81% (middle of the Great Depression)

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#ICYMI: Edmontonian 'fearful' her Afghan refugee sister could be deported out of Tajikistan, back to Afghanistan

373 days since the Taliban banned teenage girls from school. Afghan girls continue to be denied this basic human right and it’s unclear when or if they will ever be able to return to their classrooms #LetAfghanGirlsLearn 

“It is not right that they are deciding for us, ordering us to [...] stop going to 🏫.” - 17-year-old Mursal Fasihi. Girls in AF have been forced out of high school, ever since the Taliban returned to power a year ago. 👉 Watch her testimonial:

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Blinken, #Pakistan  Foreign Minister Discuss New Flood Aid, Afghanistan - State Dept.

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After so much turmoil and trauma, the young couple — who were successful lawyers in Afghanistan — said they finally feel safe. But their quest for success isn’t over.

Hamid & Masooda, married lawyers who had dedicated their careers to defending the rule of law in Afghanistan, told me their harrowing story of escaping Kabul w/ their 2 young boys, & their hopes of re-entering the legal field in the U.S. (📸: @alschaben ):

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With @NorwayUN , we held an event on human rights in Afghanistan, ahead of the #UNSC  meeting on the situation in Afghanistan, to show our unwavering support for the cause of Afghan girls and women. Thanks to the panelists for their testimonies.

To the utter disdain of the US, the fingerprints of Beijing are becoming quite visible in the infrastructure development of Afghanistan. #Geopolitics  #OPINION  #Afghanistan  #China #TheJakartaPost

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"Mum, they didn't let me enter my school. They're saying girls aren't allowed" Hopes and dreams shattered once again for millions of Afghan girls left in tears and devastated by the continued Taliban ban

We have confirmed the @nytimes ⁩ scoop: A Russian military spy unit offered bounties to Taliban-linked militants to attack coalition forces in Afghanistan. From @nakashimae ⁩ @missy_ryan ⁩ me and @shaneharris ⁩

Julian Assange speaking in 2011: "The goal is to use Afghanistan to wash money out of the tax bases of the US and Europe through Afghanistan and back into the hands of a transnational security elite. The goal is an endless war, not a successful war" #Afghanistan 

The final act of the U.S. war in Afghanistan was a drone strike in Kabul that killed 10 people. Our latest investigation shows how a man the military saw as an "imminent threat" and "ISIS facilitator" was actually an aid worker returning to his family:

The US has been on an insane orgy of military spending since 9/11 at least. This big, bad war machine couldn't even defeat the Taliban after 20 years. That's because the real purpose isn't to win wars or security. It's this, as explained by Assange:

....We no longer pay Pakistan the $Billions because they would take our money and do nothing for us, Bin Laden being a prime example, Afghanistan being another. They were just one of many countries that take from the United States without giving anything in return. That’s ENDING!

The Wall Street Journal Editorial states that it doesn’t want me to act in an “impulsive” manner in Afghanistan. Could somebody please explain to them that we have been there for 19 years, and while soldier counts are way down now, hardly impulsive. Besides, the Taliban is.....

Let’s just call him who he is: #TalibanTrump  He can’t handle this, though. So please don’t RT. He’d lose it.

Just returned to the United States after spending a GREAT Thanksgiving with our Courageous American Warriors in Afghanistan!