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Remember how the Taliban tried to surrender not long after the invasion and the U.S. rebuffed them? That was not so smart.

Just this morning @JohnBerman  said on CNN the Biden administration was imposing sanctions on Russia for, among other things "bounties for the Taliban to go after U.S. troops there.” This is false. There is no evidence “bounties” happened. (It was not corrected by @statedeptspox )

Husain Haqqani: “American withdrawal need not return Afghanistan to the Taliban” | @thehills ⁩ @husainhaqqani ⁩

The invasion became a Sisyphean endeavour but many Afghans worry about what it means for the Taliban's return of power and influence

Many Afghans feel U.S. is leaving them at mercy of resurgent Taliban

In addition to sanctions on Russia in response to the Solar Winds hack, senior administration officials said today the US intelligence community has “low to moderate confidence” that Russian agents attempted to place bounties on US troops in Afghanistan using Taliban or criminals

Peace talks between the Taliban and the Afghan government are at a stalemate but are supposed to resume later this month in Istanbul.

Taliban warns Biden: Don’t break Trump deal, or U.S. troops will be ‘held liable’

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A complete U.S. military withdrawal by September 11 could allow the Taliban to take over much of Afghanistan, writes @MaxBoot .

Taliban Threatens US With Countermeasures

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We have confirmed the @nytimes ⁩ scoop: A Russian military spy unit offered bounties to Taliban-linked militants to attack coalition forces in Afghanistan. From @nakashimae ⁩ @missy_ryan ⁩ me and @shaneharris ⁩

The White House was aware in early 2019 of intelligence indicating Russia was secretly offering bounties to the Taliban for the deaths of Americans. That’s a full year earlier than has been previously reported.

Here’s what Trump said 2 months after finding out Russia was paying bounties to the Taliban to kill American troops: “We have this great friendship. And, by the way, getting along with Russia is a great thing." Basically a green light for Putin to keep executing our soldiers.

Here’s what we learned today: Trump found out Russia paid bounties to Taliban fighters to kill American soldiers in Afghanistan. He seriously considered asking them to stop. He decided to not ask them to stop. Chew on that for a sec.

The Wall Street Journal Editorial states that it doesn’t want me to act in an “impulsive” manner in Afghanistan. Could somebody please explain to them that we have been there for 19 years, and while soldier counts are way down now, hardly impulsive. Besides, the Taliban is.....

Unbeknownst to almost everyone, the major Taliban leaders and, separately, the President of Afghanistan, were going to secretly meet with me at Camp David on Sunday. They were coming to the United States tonight. Unfortunately, in order to build false leverage, they admitted to..

Good Lord. Per this story, POTUS was briefed and NSC discussed in March that per US Intel, a notoriously violent Russian GRU unit offered bounties to Taliban-linked terrorists to kill coalition forces, including Americans, in Afghanistan.

The Taliban has never been hit harder than it is being hit right now. Killing 12 people, including one great American soldier, was not a good idea. There are much better ways to set up a negotiation. The Taliban knows they made a big mistake, and they have no idea how to recover!

The case of Major Mathew Golsteyn is now under review at the White House. Mathew is a highly decorated Green Beret who is being tried for killing a Taliban bombmaker. We train our boys to be killing machines, then prosecute them when they kill! @PeteHegseth 

You brought the Taliban to the United States the week of September 11?