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If the US and the Taiwan secessionist authority continue to escalate tensions, it’s likely to see massive live-fire drills, similar to the Taiwan Straits crisis in 1995-96, as @iingwen  recently confirmed US military presence on the island.

Tsai Ing-wen admitted to CNN that US military is in Taiwan for training. The US military cannot station troops in Taiwan. That is absolutely a redline. The only room Taiwan and the US have to maneuver is for some swaying back and forth: Editor-in-Chief Hu Xijin #HuSays 

Taiwan's president confirms US troop presence amid tensions with China

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China firmly opposes official and military ties in any form between the United States and China's Taiwan region, a foreign ministry spokesperson says, noting seeking "Taiwan independence" leads to a dead end, and so does supporting "Taiwan independence"

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China has firmly rejected the recent U.S. statement on Taiwan-related issues, and urges the United States to stop sending erroneous signals to "Taiwan independence" forces and take concrete actions to maintain the political foundation of China-U.S. relations

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If last year marked the beginning of Europe’s skepticism on China, this year is all about a new approach in the EU’s Taiwan policy. Learn more in this week's issue of China Direct, our newsletter on the EU relationship with Beijing:

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Taiwan's president confirms US troops on the ground as threats from China grow

As he sabre-rattles over Taiwan, tests a hypersonic weapon and snubs COP26, Xi Jinping’s real plan for his country is a rebooted Maoism.

Tsai's CNN interview exposes her stubborn "Taiwan independence" effort: mainland spokesperson

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Taiwan is a country. Hong Kong should be free. If you are unwilling to say these things because it might hurt your bottom line, you are a pathetic coward. cc @JohnCena  @KingJames 

Today, Taiwan celebrates the first same-sex weddings in Asia. As of 10 am local time, 166 same-sex couples had already registered their marriages

A note from abroad: Realizing now that I've been 5 days out of US that many folks back home don't realize how other countries might be living with the 'Rona. Here is what it was like to come to Taiwan. I think we could maybe learn a coupla things... /1 #COVID 

The U.S. now has more cases and deaths every 5 min­utes than Taiwan has had all year. Our government has failed us.

People who lost health insurance during the pandemic: Canada: 0 United Kingdom: 0 Germany: 0 France: 0 Australia: 0 Japan: 0 South Korea: 0 Taiwan: 0 Denmark: 0 Finland: 0 Norway: 0 United States: 14,600,000 Health care must be a right, not an employee benefit. #MedicareForAll 

? CORONAVIRUS UPDATE DEATHS ?? China 41 CONFIRMED CASES ?? China 1300 ?? US 2 ??Australia 1 ?? France 3 ??Nepal 1 ?? Japan 3 ?? Singapore 3 ?? South Korea 2 ?? Taiwan 3 ?? Thailand 5 ?? Vietnam 2 ??Malaysia 3 (Source: VOA/ AFP)

COVID-19 deaths: United States: 225,000 Population: 328.2 million COVID-19 deaths: Canada: 9,963 Japan: 1,716 Australia: 905 South Korea: 457 Vietnam: 35 New Zealand: 25 Taiwan: 7 Total deaths: 13,108 Total population: 364.6 million Donald Trump: "It is what it is." Pathetic.

You don’t need an authoritarian state to fight coronavirus effectively. Germany, Singapore, South Korea and Taiwan are doing very well. You need a government that prioritizes science and expertise. And a population that considers their authority legitimate.

Number of people who have no health insurance: ??South Korea: 0 ??Canada: 0 ??Taiwan: 0 ??Japan: 0 ??Germany: 0 ??Singapore: 0 ??United States: 30,000,000 Now, more than ever, we need a universal, Medicare for All, single-payer health care system.

? CORONAVIRUS UPDATE DEATHS ?? China 26 CONFIRMED CASES ?? China 845 ?? US 2 ?? France 2 ??Nepal 1 ?? Japan 2 ?? Singapore 3 ?? South Korea 2 ?? Taiwan 1 ?? Thailand 4 ?? Vietnam 2 (Source: VOA/ AFP)