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Utah’s Gibb, new partner beat Switzerland in second Olympic match - ABC 4

Well done to @OxfordMBA  2015 Alum Anders Weiss closing fifth with the U.S. men's four in #Tokyo2020 . And incoming #OxfordMBA  @BarnabeDelarze , fifth with the Switzerland men's double skulls. 👏

Spain beats Switzerland in nail-biting penalty shootout to reach Euro 2020 semifinals - CNN

Foreigners in Switzerland avoiding welfare for risk of expulsion - Le News

New FLIRT trains for Transport for Wales begin testing in Switzerland - RailAdvent - Railway News

How is Switzerland using Covid certificates compared to elsewhere in Europe? - The Local Switzerland

New FLIRT trains for Transport for Wales begin testing in Switzerland - RailAdvent

These are the most and least likeable cantons in Switzerland - The Local Switzerland

Switzerland Drops Magnitsky Case ‘Amid Accusations Of Bribery And Political Meddling’ - Forbes


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Geneva, Switzerland, introduces a minimum wage of $25 an hour, more than $4,000 a month

Weeks of paid maternity leave by country: UK: 39 Ireland: 26 Australia: 18 Denmark: 18 Finland: 17.5 Canada: 17 France: 16 Switzerland: 14 Iceland: 13 USA: Zero This is an absolute travesty.

Developed nations with the best healthcare, family leave, vacation & retirement benefits: 1. Denmark 2. The Netherlands 3. Finland 4. Sweden 5. Switzerland 6. Norway 7. Germany 8. UK 9. Canada 10. Japan 30. United States - Dead last We must end this international embarrassment

Florida & Texas had more new confirmed Covid-19 cases yesterday than: Italy France Germany Spain UK Switzerland Sweden Australia Japan South Korea Mexico Austria Netherlands Denmark Belgium Norway Finland Czech Republic and Hungary Combined.

....I will never stop working to secure the release of all Americans held hostage overseas! Thank you Switzerland for your great assistance.

The testing swabs are made in Italy. The testing machines are made in Switzerland. The testing reagent is made in Spain and Germany. We all said that Trump's non-stop attacks on our European allies would have consequences. The moment of reckoning has arrived.

Heading to Davos, Switzerland, to meet with World and Business Leaders and bring Good Policy and additional Hundreds of Billions of Dollars back to the United States of America! We are now NUMBER ONE in the Universe, by FAR!!

Most coronavirus deaths Italy: 3405 China: 3245 Iran: 1284 Spain: 830 France: 372 US: 171 UK: 144 South Korea: 91 Netherlands: 77 Germany: 44 Switzerland: 33 Japan: 32 Indonesia: 25 Belgium: 21 Philippines: 17 San Marino: 14 Iraq: 12 Sweden: 11 Canada: 9 Algeria: 9 Norway: 7

Most coronavirus deaths. Italy: 4825 China: 3261 Spain: 1724 Iran: 1685 France: 562 US: 340 UK: 234 Netherlands: 137 South Korea: 104 Germany: 93 Switzerland: 80 Belgium: 75 Indonesia: 48 Japan: 36 Philippines: 25 Canada: 21 Turkey: 21 Sweden: 20 Brazil: 18 Iraq: 17

Heading back to Washington from @Davos  , Switzerland. Very successful (for USA) trip!