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KRQE Newsfeed: Speeding statistics, SWAT suspects arrested, Isolated showers, Bosque fire prevention, Stolen balloon found

A fugitive charged with an audacious $35 million fraud was arrested by an FBI SWAT team in California, authorities said Wednesday.

BREAKING: Austin Police release body camera footage and identify officers connected with fatal SWAT situation in southeast Austin.

UPDATED: Video released in fatal September APD SWAT shooting

An hourslong SWAT standoff ended late Wednesday night with a shootout and a suspect in custody but no reported injuries.

Norfolk Police say Officers Gilley and Marquez, the two SWAT officers pictured in the recent viral post, will be at the Waterside District Night Market for a meet-and-greet Thursday evening.

APD: SWAT activated for armed, barricaded individual in NE Albuquerque

He claimed to be a hedge fund billionaire, Harvard grad, Iraq vet. None of that was true. Those alleged lies caught up to Justin Costello when an FBI swat team arrested him earlier today.


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Column's up: 30 former FBI agents, including a retired deputy assistant director and head of counterterrorism and five SWAT team members, speak out publicly in support of suspended FBI whistleblower Stephen Friend

No. 60 ties The Sultan of Swat for 2nd all-time in American League history! @TheJudge44  👨‍⚖️

SWAT team raids house for a robbery suspect. Flashbangs ignite the house, which is then engulfed in flames. After the fire, police find the body of a 14-year-old boy. He was not the suspect. Nor was the family who live in the house. (via @DrRJKavanagh )

Let this sink in: Brad Parscale, after initially refusing to leave his home where he had multiple guns and reportedly fired one and had hit his wife was ultimately tackled by SWAT only after a friend in the police dept called him to come out But Breonna Taylor was shot 6 times

Police chief Mohammed Adamu announced that Swat would now carry out the duties of SARS - but protestors want to see a full reform of the police, and many are using #EndSwat  to oppose the new unit

How impressed are you with Amy Coney Barrett? Watching her swat down those questions and traps from Sen Booker was like watching a Bruce Lee movie with out the sound effects or smirks. Really, she is amazing. #Brillian  #NotoriousACB 

29 SWAT members show up w/ CNN cams in 5am raid & frog-marched Roger Stone in pj's across lawn. Millions spent to persecute (er, uh prosecute). Feds want more jail time than if he killed someone. Prosecutors now quitting. DOJ investigating. Smells rotten.

Jussie Smollett charged with being a liar and fraud and making a lot of politicians and Hollywooders look like chumps. Why didn't the cops surround HIS house with 29 SWAT guys at 5am and march HIM on his lawn w/ CNN tipped off and taping?

Why didn’t Hollywood elite caught in college bribery scam get pulled out of bed at 5am by 27 SWAT team members and frogmarched across their lawn with CNN tipped off and taping? Double standard maybe!