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I’m not trying to get political or anything, but….. Batteries don’t actually produce electricity, they just store it #SupremeCourt 

When guns have more rights than women. #SupremeCourt 

Former President #DonaldTrump  seemed to gloat after the #SupremeCourt  overturned federal abortion protections.

#BREAKING | US #SupremeCourt  ends constitutional right to #abortion 

Black day for women’s rights. And actually also for men’s rights. #RoeVsWade  #SupremeCourt 

Roe is overturned. Here's what that means for abortion in Kansas: #KAKEnews  #RoeVWade  #SupremeCourt  @ksnewsservice 

The #SupremeCourt  has overturned #RoeVWade  - ending the constitutional right to abortion

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BREAKING: State #SupremeCourt  upholds Colorado's voter-approved paid leave program


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If SCOTUS leak is true, it means that leftist staffers are attempting to sabotage decision by leaking draft. #SupremeCourt 

The constitution was not written for the times, it was written to stand the test of time! #Trump2016  #SupremeCourt  #Election2016 

No candidate has ever won both Florida and Ohio and lost. I won them both, by a lot! #SupremeCourt 

Let’s make it clear: @INCIndia  did not defend triple talaq. We welcomed the SupremeCourt judgement that declared it void. But we strongly opposed criminalising a civil offence of just 1 community. Bill punishes Muslim men while doing nothing2promote the interests of Muslim women.

The threats against Senator Collins of Maine should outrage every American. Two far left groups in Maine have publicly stated they will donate more than a million dollars to Collins’ next opponent if she votes to confirm Judge Kavanaugh to the SupremeCourt

On this day in 1954 a little girl, Linda Brown, won her case, Brown v Bd of Ed, @ the SupremeCourt. TY Earl Warren, Pres Ike, & Oliver Brown

The #SupremeCourt  is not an extension of the White House. Congress, as an equal branch, has every right NOT to confirm someone.

#SupremeCourt States cannot keep same-sex couples from marrying & must recognize their unions

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