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County Supervisor Nathan Fletcher announced he was running for state Senate saying he would "deliver higher wages, a lower cost of living, and a fundamentally fair shot at a better life that every San Diego County family deserves."

The rumors are true. San Diego County Supervisor@nathanfletcher  has officially announced his run for California State Senate, District 39.

Supervisor @nathanfletcher  launches campaign for California State Senate. The seat is currently held by President Pro Tempore@toniatkins , who is termed out.

So far two candidates have submitted their paperwork to the Bay County Supervisor of Elections for the mayoral race in Lynn Haven.

Town of Tonawanda Supervisor Joe Emminger gave an update Saturday on the Paddock Chevrolet Golf Dome via the Town’s Facebook page.

Town of Tonawanda Supervisor Joe Emminger gave an update Saturday on the Paddock Chevrolet Golf Dome via the Town’s Facebook page.

“Just wait around for like 15 minutes; another one of them is sure to be towed, and it will probably have the back window and the steering column busted,” an impound lot assistant supervisor said of #Kia  and #Hyundai  cars.

Animal protection supervisor chases raccoon around Colorado store 🦝😂 Elsewhere in Colorado, a ringtail was caught in a Kohl’s and released:

From Supervisor to Super Leader: How to Break Free from Stress and Build a Thriving Team That Gets Results Paperback "In Search of Great Products." #AmazonAffiliate  #Paidlink8 


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This is racism. It’s insane that an Air Force supervisor felt comfortable putting this into a text message to a Black airman.

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#PalmBeachCounty elections supervisor bans media cameras from public ballot counting & threatens them with arrest. How much more will it take to convince skeptics that what is happening in Palm Beach & #BrowardCounty  is not a normal elections process?

When my mom died I found this Letter to the Editor among her possessions. She’s calling out John Klein, the Town Supervisor in Smithtown LI, for his racist housing policies. I think it’s from the 1970s. It inspires me to name names, and call out BS. Don’t live afraid.

“They hired more Black and brown officers, began training programs based on best-practices, required any officer who uses force in any way to report it in detail, and for the supervisor to review it. The bad cops were suddenly outed.”

I was barred entry. Asked repeatedly to speak to a supervisor—he finally came out and said he can’t tell us anything. Police were called on us. Children should never be ripped from their families & held in secretive detention centers. RT if you agree this is WRONG.

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@Project_Veritas  has released a video on Twitter which alleges there may have been cases of voter fraud in Michigan after a postal service worker claimed they were directed by their supervisor to change post stamps on mail-in ballots.

OK,Called 2 post offices In Malibu.They were polite. I Said”Hi This Is Cher,& I Would like to know If you ever take Volunteers⁉️Lady Said She Didn’t Know & Gave Me # Of Supervisor.I Called & Said Hi This is Cher Do U Accept volunteers.”NO,Need Fingerprints & Background Check”?

Flashback: Elections Supervisor Brenda Snipes Admits in Court Noncitizens Are Voting in Broward County via

When you being fake with the supervisor you can’t stand