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Scientists hope black holes the size of '100 bln suns' will help solve mystery of the universe

The Sun’s neighbors hide secrets that could help astronomers learn more about our place in the galaxy.

Scientists hope black holes the size of '100 bln suns' will help solve mystery of the universe

Suns out ☀️ and we’re ready for Race 26 💪 Boys are lining up now - ADP P7, DR P16 #VASC 

Crawf can't see his Hawks beating the Suns this afternoon... #AFLHawksSuns 

Some Western Conference Finals info via @ESPNStatsInfo  This is the 2nd playoff matchup in NBA history featuring 2 players on EACH team to avg 25+PPG in postseason (ELIAS). The other was 1989 Semis w/ Suns (Tom Chambers & Kevin Johnson) & Warriors (Chris Mullin & Mitch Richmond)

@SCrawf9  reckons the Hawks are absolutely no chance tomorrow and he's keen to Multi the Suns into a big Tigers win tonight! Full Inside 50 podcast 👉

The suns'>Phoenix Suns are hopeful their $45-million practice facility will be completed sometime in October, team officials said earlier this week.

I have been waiting since July for the desks I ordered my suns from Wayfair. And since my neighbor BUILT a desk for us before one could be delivered I've canceled the order. Meanwhile Wayfair sends me an email saying the desk was supposed to have been delivered Sept. 11.

4/ and consider the amazing "Warmth of Other Suns" to understand the toll of not just slavery but reconstruction, the Great Migration & beyond. Our "liberal cities" were not as welcoming as we may like to think


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See the Sun like never before! @NSF’s Inouye Solar Telescope produces first detailed images of the sun’s surface. 📷: / / NSF #SolarVision2020  @NatSolarObs  @AURADC 

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@NatSolarObs  @AURADCT  @NSF_MPShe  NSF's Inouye Solar Telescope provides unprecedented close-ups of the sun’s surface, but ultimately it will measure the sun’s corona – no total solar eclipse required. 😎 More: #SolarVision2020 

The Suns surprised their players with starting lineups announced by their families at home ❤️

Wohoooo suns out again ! Loving it! Shorts are on, bringing the chicken legs out!

A powerful moment in honor of Kobe. After the Grizzlies took a 24-second violation to begin the game, the Suns took an 8-second violation. Devin Booker was moved to tears.

On this day in 2008, @SHAQ  cleared the entire Suns bench 🤣🌵

Absolutely perfect day in London! Suns out! Gona be a cracker at wembley tonight ! Yeaaaaahhhh!