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Zina Umeozulu 6‘4“ 220 is a DE/OLB from Allen HS,TX. He is also a 5* 2024 super with enormous ability and determination. Great pass rusher, quick feet and hands, relentless. Loved his interview and film. National recruit. Will play on Sundays@zina_umeozulu  Super future

Authorities say Zamboanga's 'Sunday vaccine bubble' will continue to be in effect as an incentive to those who are fully vaccinated. This means the vaccinated won't be subjected to too many restrictions on Sundays.

"When you roll off the start line on day one of the Tour de France, however, you know there are three more Sundays left to Paris. At the moment, I’m just hoping I’ll have a few more Sundays on the dance floor"

@the_yeti  Sundays return to a midnight closure on 2/20. We’ve been replacing critical power cables during the extra hours gained from closing early on Sundays. It accelerated the project to shorten the project timeline (and impacts to riders). We are thrilled to bring back midnight service

On this week's sundays'>Science Sundays with @Elaina23ABC , we're making a little magic happen by bending light. Allison Bogart, a teacher of the year in Delano demonstrated for us the scientific phenomenon of refraction.

Chennai observes lockdown as part of complete lockdown on all Sundays in Tamil Nadu, amid rising COVID cases. Visuals from Koyambedu, Chennai (ANI)

“The listeners are anybody who is looking to make more of their money.” @JeanChatzky  tells @JoeConnollybiz  & @NeilACarousso  about her & @soledadobrien ’s new show “Everyday Wealth,” which airs Sundays at 11 AM on @wcbs880 . @EdelmanFE  Full interview:

#Chennai observes #lockdown  as part of complete lockdown on all Sundays in #TamilNadu , amid rising #COVID  cases. Visuals from #Koyambedu , Chennai (From Agencies)

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Last year, Sunday voting was key to boosting the turnout of Black voters in Spalding County, Georgia. But this October, people protested the county's election board, upset that they disallowed early voting on Sundays for the Nov. 2 municipal election 1/5

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Burger King trolls Chick-fil-A in new campaign vowing donations to LGBTQ group for every chicken sandwich sold "even on Sundays"

Georgia Republicans are trying to limit absentee & mail-in voting, make it harder to use a ballot drop-box, stop early voting on Sundays when many churchgoing African-Americans join voter drives It smacks of Jim Crow We're working to pass #S1  to protect democracy #ForThePeople 

So I see a Republican senator is arguing there shouldn’t be voting on Sunday because of... the sabbath and God? I remember that commandment. On Sundays, thou shalt watch football in packed stadiums drinking beer, but thou shalt not exercise your constitutional enfranchisement.

America's new President@JoeBiden  is rooting for the @packers  this Sunday and all Sundays.

Public Health England refusing to deliver vaccines on Sundays tells you everything you need to know about state-run health service provision. Israel has three competing, state funded, health service providers rolling out their vaccination programme.

Mahomes getting the behind-the-back pass ready for Sundays ? (via prestonsmithphotography/Instagram)

Several members of an Illinois Pentecostal church are either at the hospital or in home quarantine after at least 43 congregants fell ill following a revival service two Sundays ago, and at least 10 of them have tested positive for the new #coronavirus .

The virtual T-shirt cannon has returned! RT for a chance to win a shirt to wear on sundays'>Powder Blue Sundays!

This teen thinks having the Super Bowl on Sundays is impractical because fans have to get up for school and work the next day, so he's started a petition to change next year's game to a Saturday. More than 10,000 people have already signed it.