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#NDTVBeeps | On CCTV, Woman Pushed In Front Of Subway Train

Michelle Go, a 40-year-old New Yorker who loved to travel, was killed on Saturday when a man pushed her in front of a subway train. The attacker was undergoing a psychiatric evaluation but is expected to be arraigned on murder charges.

Times Squaresubway shove 'psycho' showed 'no emotion' as he timed train's arrival: witness

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Suspect and victim in deadly Times Squaresubway attack identified

Exclusive: Witness Describes 'Surreal' Deadly Subway Push In Times Square

A WOMAN WAS killed by a subway train Saturday after she was pushed onto the tracks at Times Square station in New York#8NN 

Woman killed after pushed onto NYC subway tracks in unprovoked attack, police say

We lived in a safe/good neighborhood, yet the rules were the rules. I still remember when I rode the subways, if I even saw hint of a weirdo on the same train, I'd be trained to subtly + quietly move over to the next subway car. So many crazies in the city, not worth the risk.

CBS2 News At 11: Flooding rain, high winds could cause problems for Monday morning. Plus, witness recounts terrifying scene when woman was pushed onto subway tracks in Times Square, and more. Watch live on CBSN New York:

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Woman killed in subway shove at Times Square: 'This incident was unprovoked'


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The stock market is not in turmoil - billionaire hedge funds are in turmoil. Two different things. Its a shame regulators, brokerage firms and media continue to provide cover for folks that go to work on helicopters from the Hamptons and say its for folks that take the subway.

If someone sat next to you on the bus or subway and started talking about powerful men being controlled in “the dark shadows” and groups of men in black gear moving around the country to hurt would change your seat.

Photo of mice brawling on a subway platform wins wildlife photography award

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The wait is almost over, #BTSArmy ! Here's a sneak peek of the #BTSonFallon  Subway Special! #SEVENPARTY 

McDonalds Burger King Pizza Hut Duncan Donuts Wendy's Taco Bell Subway None give their workers paid sick leave. They should be required to post this sign on their doors: "Because we don't give our workers paid sick leave, they may be sick when they serve you."

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Share of workers at major corporations without paid sick leave: Sonic: 94% Applebee's: 89% Pizza Hut: 88% Burger King: 86% Subway: 86% Domino's: 85% Dunkin' Donuts: 85% Wendy's: 84% McDonald's: 78% Chick-fil-A: 78% Taco Bell: 77% We must make paid sick leave a right for all.