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1/Today's @bopinion  post is about how Clubhouse, Substack, TikTok, and other new social media are helping move public discussion away from Twitter, and in doing so are helping to build a better Internet.

A look at local news on Substack, as journalists in Charlotte, NC, Sarasota, FL, and more find underserved niches and add competition for legacy news outlets @djinisinabottle  / Poynter)

$TWTR - Twitter Takes On Clubhouse, Substack, Patreon And OnlyFans. #investing  #trading  #economy 

4/Seeing these problems, entrepreneurs decided to experiment with ways of making things better. For example, Substack and its competitors like Ghost have incentivized people to go back to long-form blogging.

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I’m starting a new substack just with weird or dumb things I find in my axios email each day. The corrupt Supreme Court majority might strike down a wealth tax I guess. But does a French economist/historian have any expertise or even knowledge abt the us constitution?

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Workarounds to Twitter's unpleasant side effects are easy to find these days, says #noahpinion . Try Clubhouse, TikTok and Substack, for starters

A number of high-profile writers have left national outlets to start their own Substack newsletter. But they're not the only ones — some local journalists are also making the switch.

I know there are a lot of pot stock traders that follow. Mahalo. In case you haven't seen @todd_harrison 's substack, here it is. And if you haven't, what are you even doing?

Substack? Back in the day, we used to call that ‘blogging and a tip jar.’”


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The New Yorker is the latest legacy outlet to publish a silly horror feature about Substack, writing: “A robust press is essential to a functioning democracy, and a cultural turn toward journalistic individualism might not be in the collective interest.”

I'm noticing increasing hatred towards Substack, as if independent reporting creates distrust. It's a bizarre authoritarian strain, last seen in the mid-2000s dismissal of 'bloggers' who didn't like the war in Iraq. Blogger ethics panel!

Look at how much NYT reporters hate and resent Substack, because it provides the ability of writers and journalists to be heard and to reach an audience without having to submit to their monopolistic structures and discourse controls. Corporate journalists despise independence:

Just wondering who the first media hall monitor will be to complain that this Substack user or that one violates The Rules & should be banned. My money is on @oliverdarcy  or @oneunderscore__  which, I grant, are obvious choices. Amazing that censorious whining is a journalist beat

Glenn was not "censored" - he was edited, and edited well. Crying censorship is a marketing ploy to gin up subscribers for his new Substack. Are people really going to fall for it?

"But the pathologies, illiberalism, and repressive mentality that led to the bizarre spectacle of my being censored by my own media outlet are ones that are not unique to The Intercept." I'll be doing my journalism at Substack for now. Subscribe here:

One of the US's best reporters, @mtaibbi  , just published an great and well-researched article documenting how many lies US media outlets are telling to protect Biden. It's on Substack. I doubt any liberal-left outlet would publish it. That's why Taibbi is more popular than ever.

Writing on Substack, Steven Schrage for the first time tells the story of how he worked alongside "FBI Informant" Stefan Halper at Cambridge during the "Russiagate" period:

I've recapped what's happening in #Portland  and compiled a few notable reactions from journalists and legal experts in this new article on Substack. Please read, share, subscribe. Paid support welcome, but all issues #free  through election day. Thanks!