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I just published a premium newsletter to the substack'>Blockchain Backer SubStack. 😀 Includes a 20-minute audio voiceover that I recorded! Bank Collapse and Bitcoin Price Jumps Did We Just See The Fed Blink? A Look at What Happened to SVB. Will Bitcoin Benefit?

The economics of Substack completely baffle me. I'm not going to pay $100 a year to read your blog - I could get a decent newspaper subscription for the same price (or less!).

Heads up. @ben_r  is doing great work with his Fast Forward Aotearoa series of @SubstackInc  posts. I highly recommend subscribing to @memialabs  substack.

Since I'm doing a bit of media at the moment, it might be a good time to launch my new Substack!

Update: The product is in public beta, and users are raving about the "fast" and "comprehensive" coverage of trending topics. It has already integrated global sources such as Twitter, Mirror, Medium, Substack, and other media. Dyor and find more details on their discord!

On Ukraine, DeSantis Sides With Putin Over the West @SimonWDC Simon pulling no punches on his new Substack

1/ I am taking off for a few days but wanted to make sure you knew that I am writing daily on @SubstackInc 

As of today, we do not own any shares of Svenska Handlesbanken. We do not usually issue this type of updates, but we posted my article about Svenska Handlsbanken (which I wrote a few years ago) on Substack just last week.

Crypto FROG’s Substack: Only 3 coins survive a crypto apocalypse. BTC, ETH and Monero (XMR).


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The great Seymour Hersh returns, on Substack, with a blockbuster story: How America Took Out The Nord Stream Pipeline

Crazy story, but one of my stories was plagiarized by a new Substack using AI last week. I found the writer used AI tools to lift the work, remix it, and pass it off as their own. Here’s what happened 👉

While reviewing Gadde's emails, I saw a familiar name - my own. Dorsey sent her a copy of my Substack article blasting the incident

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So today, I'm launching my Substack, The Watch. For now, this will be my primary source of income and the primary way I fund my journalism. If you support my work, I hope you'll subscribe, and I hope you'll spread the word. Thanks!

Substack 2021 gross revenue: $100m Onlyfans 2021 gross revenue: $4.8bn

The one encouraging aspect: as so often happens with despotic factions, they are triggering and fueling the backlash to their excesses. Sites devoted to free speech – led by Rumble, along with Substack, Callin, and others – are exploding in growth.

We keep seeing false claims about Substack that seem designed to mislead. Here’s just one recent example, which the outlet refuses to correct. We believe the best way to fight misinformation is through open debate, so here are the facts. 1/x

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Substack is hiring! If you’re a Twitter employee who’s considering resigning because you’re worried about Elon Musk pushing for less regulated speech… please do not come work here.

2/Eric was an amazing friend. He fought to rescue journalism and democracy, which need saving. Worked at Rolling Stone, Billboard, founded Media Matters and Salon, Pressrun on Substack. Brutal to bad media on twitter, sweetest guy in real life

The Bizarre Refusal to Apply Cost-Benefit Analysis to COVID Debates My Substack article examining the extreme and even immoral irrationalities pervading the debate over COVID policies