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The defendants were charged with various public order offences and granted bail with strict conditions.

Maintain strict vigil, Centre tells states as cases rise again

New York’s new coronavirus-era dance rules aren’t exactly “Footloose” strict, but don’t plan on cutting loose and kicking off the Sunday shoes with just anybody.​

Joint statement by DGsMO of India & Pak, of both sides agreeing for strict observance of all agreements, understandings & cease firing along LOC from Feb 24-25, won't affect counter-terrorist operations. We'll continue to remain alert: Lt Gen YK Joshi, GOC-in-C, Northern Command

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The #Odisha  government has made home isolation for seven days mandatory for people coming from five States and set up a strict screening mechanism at airports and railway stations.

German leaders rebel against Merkel’s strict lockdown and push ahead with easing restrictions

#Egypt lifts ban on #Ramadan 's Taraweeh prayers in some mosques amid strict#coronavirus  measures

North Korea’s strictCovid rules make Russian diplomats leave state by hand-pushed cart

A synagogue on Vancouver Island has been given the go-ahead to resume in-person services this weekend as long as strict protocols are followed

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#ICYMI | @DisasterMgmtMum  doe #lockdown  not want at all,' says Commissioner Iqbal Singh Chahal in his convers @ShereenBhantion  with ; urges for strict adherence to current restrictions. Read more:


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So the ‘experts’ and wannabe dictators, aka governors, were wrong, wrong, wrong and now they demand more bailouts. Open the economy now! Strict COVID-19 lockdowns had no clear benefit over voluntary social distancing measures: Study

Japan has suffered just 18 covid deaths per million people, by far the lowest in the G7, without mass testing or strict lock downs

The way to honor these dead children is to demand strict gun control, free mental health care, and an end to violence as public policy.

Everybody who's coming to the Amsterdam gig tomorrow . Please be advised there is a strict dress code of orange and only orange!

When Isaac Newton stayed at home to avoid the 1665 plague, he discovered the laws of gravity, optics, and he invented calculus. It’s rumored that there was a strict “No TV” rule in his household.

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Maybe animals are less wild and humans less human. What happened with that #elephant  is heartbreaking, inhumane and unacceptable! Strict action should be taken against the culprits. #AllLivesMatter 

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For humanitarian reasons, the passengers from the two CoronaVirus stricken cruise ships have been given medical treatment and, when appropriate, allowed to disembark, under strict supervision. Very carefully done. People we’re dying & no other countries would allow them to dock!

All seniors, especially those like me who are over 70, must take every precaution: we are the ones most likely to suffer the most severe complications from COVID-19 that will overwhelm the healthcare system. Please, follow strict social-distancing & even consider self-quarantine.

From the beginning, Democrats have insisted on more money for our hospitals, our medical system, and our medical workers From the beginning, Democrats have insisted that there be no bailouts without strict conditions that put people and workers first These changes must be made

BREAKING: The House just voted to safeguard our elections. The SAFE Act will: ?️Replace outdated & vulnerable voting equipment ?Mandate paper ballot voting & post-election audits ?Createstrict cybersecurity requirements for voting systems 2020 is coming. Let’s be prepared.