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#Assam Chief Minister#HimantaBiswaSarma  on Saturday unveiled a memorial, in Kaziranga National Park and Tiger Reserve, to the greater one-horned rhino and the forest guards the 1,300 sq. km tiger reserve owes its existence to.

Global market movement would also continue to drive sentiment amid a bearish trend recently following rate hikes by the US Federal Reserve and other central banks.

Some of the Central Bank monetary policy updates last week: -State Bank of Vietnam +100bp -Sweden's Riksbank +100bp -US Fed Reserve +75bp -Swiss National Bank +75bp -South Africa Reserve Bank +75bp -Bank of England +50bp -Norges Bank +50bp -Bank Indonesia +50bp

The Central Intelligence Agency has a very significant history. Its predecessor -- the Office of Strategic Services -- rumbled to life during World War II, populated by innovative, savvy, and fearless men and women who undermined and defeated some...

Five-month-old Siyang and three of her peers are all set to make Pakke Tiger Reserve (PTR) in #ArunachalPradesh  their new home, having completed the acclimatisation process in the national park under the supervision of experts over the past few months.

The first bill on the #Senate 's agenda this morning is Senator@PaulineHansonOz 's Offshore Petroleum and Greenhouse Gas Storage Amendment (Benefit to Australia) Bill

Global market movement would also continue to drive sentiment amid a bearish trend recently following rate hikes by the US Federal Reserve and other central banks.

The Bureau of Economic Analysis’ personal consumption expenditures price index, the Federal Reserve’s preferred inflation measure, comes out Friday.

From @thehill : Atlanta Fed president: Soft landing from high inflation is not going to be easy: Raphael Bostic, the president of the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, said on Sunday it;s “not going to be… #Congress  #Tax  #Finance 

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Malacanang has given advance notice to investors and well-entrenched players in the upstream oil and gas sector that it will be issuing policy directive on the requested re-submission of petroleum service contracts..


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Un-freaked-believable. We sent 5,000,000 barrels of oil to Europe from our strategic oil reserves with prices through the roof for Americans. At this point it’s hard to assume Democrats are doing anything other than purposefully destroying our country!

With all the Hunter Biden news, can we at least get an answer on this: Why did Joe Biden sell nearly a million barrels of oil from our strategic reserve (meant for war) to CHINA through a company with ties to Hunter? Kind of the exact OPPOSITE of what he should be doing.

President Biden sold nearly a million barrels of oil from our strategic reserves to China. And who may benefit from it financially? Hunter Biden. Unbelievable.

Mr. Abe made an immense contribution to elevating India-Japan relations to the level of a Special Strategic and Global Partnership. Today, whole India mourns with Japan and we stand in solidarity with our Japanese brothers and sisters in this difficult moment.

As people exercise their right to protest all across the country––let the undeniable paths of our progress be a guide going forward: peaceful, sustained protest; strategic, committed organizing; and purposeful, overwhelming participation at the ballot box.

The Federal Reserve is wrong so often. I see the numbers also, and do MUCH better than they do. We will have a very good Third Quarter, a great Fourth Quarter, and one of our best ever years in 2021. We will also soon have a Vaccine & Therapeutics/Cure. That’s my opinion. WATCH!

China dropped the price of their currency to an almost a historic low. It’s called “currency manipulation.” Are you listening Federal Reserve? This is a major violation which will greatly weaken China over time!

The Federal Reserve is cutting but must further ease and, most importantly, come into line with other countries/competitors. We are not playing on a level field. Not fair to USA. It is finally time for the Federal Reserve to LEAD. More easing and cutting!

After 52 years it is time for the United States to fully recognize Israel’s Sovereignty over the Golan Heights, which is of critical strategic and security importance to the State of Israel and Regional Stability!

Texas & Oklahoma: Mini Mike Bloomberg will kill your drilling, fracking and pipelines. Petroleum based “anything” is dead. Energy jobs gone. Don’t vote for Mini Mike!