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StockX and NFT marketplace SuperRare setting up shop in Toronto neighbourhood #Toronto 

For many, shoes are a dead serious investment opportunity. #stockx  #jordans  #yeezys  #sneakers 

From Nike v. StockX to Yuga Labs v. Ryder Ripps, here's a list of #NFT  lawsuits worth keeping an eye on ...

StockX co-founder believes open dialogue and a variety of team-building experiences is fueling its culture of innovation. Presented by @VZEnterprise .

Biz idea/question: the resale market for $NKE and Supreme® $VFC drops is huge what's stopping these and other co's like them from selling a portion of their inventory on StockX or Grailed for higher margins? it only probably works if they obfuscate who the seller is but still

Layoffs at StockX according to @SoleRetriever  Given what they sell and focus on (sneakers, gaming stuff etc.) probably a very clear link between their business conditions and young $$$ crypto wealth

Some charts of lines going down. Here's Rolexes, Bored Apes, industrial metals, and Nvidia Graphics chips on StockX

The sneakers originally retailed for $60. The lowest asking price DealA found offered by resellers on StockX was $89,691. That's a return on investment of 149,385%, for anyone lucky enough to snag one at retail price.

StockX CEO: Nike claims of sneaker counterfeits are 'meritless' by @thebradsmith 

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New Nvidia RTX 3090 cards are now selling below MSRP on StockX

If y'all think Xbox is doing better than PS5 this generation, you aren't paying attention. PS5 still sells out instantly, while Series S/X do not. Also, check the disparity of resale prices on StockX. It's not close

Nike escalated its legal battle with sneaker marketplace StockX, saying it purchased four pairs of counterfeit shoes on the platform

Nasdaq congratulates @StockX  on reaching its 1 billion dollar valuation!

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Well that’s one pair not going straight to StockX ??‍♂️ ?: @hikmetsugoer 

me after finally pulling the trigger and buying Bacon Air Max 90s off StockX#AirMaxDay 

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If you need gift ideas, I’ve got your answer ➡️ Check out my holiday picks @stockx  ?

StockX was reportedly hacked, with the personal information of more than 6 million users compromised.

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On StockX, sneakers, streetwear, handbags and watches are assigned ticker symbols. Sellers put out asking prices, and buyers bid. Once a bid and an ask coincide, the sale is automatically made.