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>3k companies on @Brightcove  lined up to take advantage of Proof of View to protect their ad spend 👇 This is the calibre of target market for $VRA. Ad dollars spent by these companies will then be used to buyback & 🔥 🔥 The future is protected

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Fantastic week with my spot portfolio. $Sand $Alice $IMX $Theta . There is always an opportunity with in the worst market conditions. Just have to invest at the right time and never chase the trades. #NFA  #DYOR 

@rarora1515  Tha@Aayushdidwanianks  for this feedback -guess some amount of lobbying works everywhere. hopefully their market research on CPaaS can b taken seriously given it’s an established industry now w/good size. Juniper, IDC, etc comes out more or less same in terms of market outlook/players research.

1/ #Crypto  TOTAL Market cap BOTTOM IS IN? 2 cases: 👉BOTTOM IS IN: Sellers seem exhausted. 👉NOT IN: BEARS could try one last time to sweep the previous low before ending this 8 months BEAR cycle. (Less likely) Falling Wedge Breakout Incoming

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This week on Taking Stock@jfjohnston  is joined by: - @danielsusskind  to look at new technology in the workplace - @CdeBarra  of @trocaire  & Pat Dennigan of @FocusIreland  - the private flight market with @EliteTravelerDG  With than @SkillnetIrelands  to

#EverRise $RISE $0.000542 🟢 +7.1% $38.8M Market Cap +7.1% 55853 Hodlrs +0.1% $0.000530 #Eth ) 🟢 +7.5% $0.000532 #BNB ) 🟢 +8.9% $0.000539 #Polygon ) 🔴 -0.1% $0.000557 #Ftm ) 🟢 +13.9% $0.000560 #Avax ) 🟢 +8.8% 0.342% Burn $23.6M Staked TVL $3.2M LP $622.9k Buyback

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Apart from market malaise, crypto also facing a number of security risks #crypto 

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The Rs 4,447 crore all-stock deal is expected to power Zomato’s quick commerce play where its rival Swiggy has taken huge strides in building out a large business vertical.

Current price for $SOL = $41.25 24hr price change = +8.20506⬆% market cap change = 7.87359% Ready for Launch?🚀🚀 #SOL  #CryptoAlerts 

Hello everyone. Hope you're well today. I just updated the TOTAL CRYPTO MARKET CAP.


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Stock market under 1 year of Trump: $6.9 trillion GAINED Stock market under 16 months of Biden: $11 trillion LOST

Since I’ve been asked a lot: Buy stock in several companies that make products & services that *you* believe in. Only sell if you think their products & services are trending worse. Don’t panic when the market does. This will serve you well in the long-term.

u can’t sell houses u don’t own u can’t sell cars u don’t own but u *can* sell stock u don’t own!? this is bs – shorting is a scam legal only for vestigial reasons

If WFP can describe on this Twitter thread exactly how $6B will solve world hunger, I will sell Tesla stock right now and do it.

If Redditors rallying GameStop is unacceptable market manipulation, what would you call it when greedy Wall Street bankers gambled away our entire economy in 2008 and faced no consequences?

Finished off the year with the highest Stock Market in history. Setting records with your 401k’s, just like I said you would. Congratulations to all!



I feel more and more confident that our economy is in the early stages of coming back very strong. Not everyone agrees with me, but I have little doubt. Watch for September, October, November. Next year will be one of the best ever, and look at the Stock Market NOW!

Wow! May retail sales show biggest one-month increase of ALL TIME, up 17.7%. Far bigger than projected. Looks like a BIG DAY FOR THE STOCK MARKET, AND JOBS!