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“The real opposition is the media. And the way to deal with them is to flood the zone with shit.” —Steve Bannon.

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How former Trump adviser Steve Bannon joined forces with a Chinese billionaire who has divided the president’s allies @realDonaldTrump  @SteveKBannon  @GOPLeader  @senatemajldr 

Did Steve Bannon uncover a plot that will help the Democrats steal the 2020 election? Listen to our discussion

This interview with Brock Pierce, the crypto billionaire with ties to pedophiles (Jeffrey Epstein, Marc Collins-Rector) and Steve Bannon is totally nuts

The bogus Steve Bannon-backed study claiming China created the coronavirus, explained

CATS Roundtable Sunday, Sep 20th | 8:30AM ► Listen Live on 77 WABC & AM 970 or visit Steve Bannon - The plot to steal the 2020 election. - Peace in the Middle @AlanDershEast  seems real. Trump White House deserves credit.

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OK just to recap here: Some of the people who solicited donations for this privately-funded border wall have been indicted. (That includes Steve Bannon) The wall itself is going to fail, a new engineering report says.

A Chinese virologist claimed the coronavirus was 'intentionally' released. Turns out, she works for a group led by Steve Bannon.

A Chinese virologist claimed the coronavirus was 'intentionally' released. Turns out, she works for a group led by Steve Bannon. #WallSt 


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BREAKING / NBC News: Former advisor to President Trump, Steve Bannon, and four others have been indicted for illegally funneling money from the "We Build The Wall" fund.

The Department of Homeland Security, at the urging of President Trump, awarded a $400 million contract to a company affiliated with Steve Bannon’s "We Build the Wall" effort. We're demanding answers.

Kris Kobach is the general counsel of the Build the Wall PAC that Steve Bannon was just arrested for being involved in as chairman. The advisory board includes Erik Prince, former CO congressman Tom Tancredo, Sheriff Dave Clarke and former pitcher Curt Schilling.

I have no information about the arrest of Steve Bannon other than what is being reported, but notice how every media outlet tries to draw in the president.  This has NOTHING to do with President Trump.

I was supposed to do a press tour on on teusday but I'm no longer doing it because I can't bring myself to appear on the same service that has decided to support Steve Bannon. Apologies to the shows I had to cancel. And fuck Steve Bannon.

Members of the Trump administration who have used personal email to conduct official business: 1) Ivanka Trump 2) Jared Kushner 3) Steve Bannon 4) Stephen Miller 5) Reince Priebus 6) Gary Cohn The shameless hypocrisy of these people never ceases to amaze me.

IMPORTANT: A Republican lawyer representing Steve Bannon, Don McGahn, Reince Priebus in the Russia probe and Judge Alex Kozinski on harassment allegations is deciding which of Brett Kavanaugh's records are turned over. This has NEVER been done. This is the National Archives' job.

Steve Bannon sitting on the National Security Council is dangerous and unprecedented. He must be removed.

The problem was never just Steve Bannon. It was and always will be Donald Trump.

Let us be clear. The hiring of Steve Bannon as a WH policy adviser is exactly the same as hiring David Duke. Please don't normalize this.