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I report from Germany, where I visited the Stasi Museum (20th century's fastidious surveillance state), to Taiwan, where I interviewed Digital Minister Audrey Tang in @GlobalRepCentre  and @MaryKayMagistad 's latest episode of the Silk Road series:

"The surveillance itself is not noticeable. Just, someone’s interested in you, someone collects data about you. The Stasi sometimes lets you know, to influence your behavior, to maybe change your ways, and so on," explained my guide at the museum. Sound familiar?

It's estimated that 1 in 5 East Germans participated in the surveillance system, informing on neighbors, etc. It required tremendous human effort. Today's technologies would've been the Stasi's wildest authoritarian dreams.

Household law 'unenforceable' outside of an stasi-style'>East German Stasi-style scenario, says council leader - updates


"Leaving aside the track and trace app's fiddliness, downloading it is like volunteering to be spied upon by the health Stasi"

'Leaving aside the track and trace app's fiddliness, downloading it is like volunteering to be spied upon by the health Stasi,' writes @RossjournoClark 


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MP caught on tube without mask complains country is ‘like East Germany under the Stasi

The stasi'>East German Stasi often targeted dissidents by breaking into their homes and subtly changing things - moving furniture, changing the brand of tea, rearranging photos - so the victim thought they were going crazy.

New @intercepted : Mike Bloomberg ran Stasi-style police and surveillance operations against Muslim Americans

Today lovely cuddly wacky centrist Rory will sabotage a cross party bid to stop No Deal Brexit... while terrible "beleaguered" ultra-left "Stasi agent" Jeremy will unite with other party leaders to save Britain ... but hey, Rory has a circus tent...

"Julian Assange is living in conditions akin to a Stasi-era dissident as visitors to Ecuadorian embassy have their phones checked and all conversations recorded"

We FOIA'd the calls to Trump's ICE snitchline—it's a grotesque look inside an emerging Stasi operation

Today's right wing media scoops: "that day we said Corbyn met a Czech spy... it was a different day"; "that Stasi file we demanded he open up... it doesn't exist". "Please don't break up our media empires". Er, that's it.

at last some clarity from the Stasi archives on the Corbyn question

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OK sure, stasi force'>WikiLeaks Stasi Force, we’ll go first. Here’s our address: 123 Go Fuck Yourself Street San Francisco, CA ??