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RT @ZSharf : Daisy Ridley/Rey's new #StarWars  movie will take place 15 years after "Rise of Skywalker," confirms Kathleen Kennedy. "We’re p…

Dave Filoni opens up about his new #StarWars  film project: "I'm just looking to apply, finally, all the things that I learned from George [Lucas] and many others to this format of a feature film."

Will Luke Skywalker return in Daisy Ridley's new #StarWars  movie? Kathleen Kennedy: “I don’t know if we’ll spend a lot of time in flashbacks or Force ghosts...but certainly, the spirit of what he represents to her is going to be significant.”

Kathleen Kennedy on Daisy Ridley's new #StarWars  movie: “We’re 15 years out from ‘Rise of Skywalker.’ We’re post-war, post-First Order. The Jedi are in disarray...She’s attempting to rebuild the Jedi Order, based on the books and what she promised Luke."

Daisy Ridley's New #StarWars  Movie Will Find the 'Jedi in Disarray' 15 Years After 'Rise of Skywalker,' Luke Skywalker Force Ghost Is TBD

#Ahsoka will hit Disney+ in August. Here's what you need to know about the #StarWars  series.

Kathleen Kennedy says that Taika Waititi is hard at work on his #StarWars  film: "He's writing the script himself. He doesn’t really want to bring others into that process and I don’t blame him. He has a very, very unique voice. We want to protect that."

RT @NikkiBlakk : The Forest Moon Festival to commemorate the 40th Anniversary of @starwars : Return Of The Jedi will be held on the 9th moon…

@TaikaWaititi  has been "a little slow" with his @StarWars  project, Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy says

RT @TheHinduCinema : #DaisyRidley  is set to return as Rey in the upcoming #StarWars  movie directed by 'Ms Marvel' helmer Sharmeen Obaid-Chin…


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@StarWars  Recognizes BTS Fan ARMY As Major Donors of Force For Change UNICEF Campaign

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Teaser posters for #StarWars : #TheLastJedi . Arriving in our galaxy December 15.

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Today, Disney & Lucasfilm announced that #StarWars : Episode VIII will debut on 12/15/17. Stay tuned for updates!

@NASA_Hubble  found what looks like a cosmic lightsaber in our Milky Way galaxy: #StarWars 

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The Force. It's calling to you. Tickets on sale now. The brand new @StarWars  #TheForceAwakens  trailer has arrived!

Interviewed the cast of @starwars  as the cast of star wars #5SOSAwakens