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The cosmic threads are outfitted in Boeing’s signature blue color and are to be worn by astronauts launching and landing on the company’s CST-100 Starliner capsules.

NASA and Boeing are tentatively targeting a six-day crew mission in early December for Starliner.

Aerospace company @Boeing  debuted their new Starliner astronaut spacesuit in a NASA exhibit that opened on June 15th.

NASA names its two-person crew for Boeing's Starliner crew test flight: Commander Barry “Butch” Wilmore and pilot Suni Williams. NASA expects to set a target for the CFT mission launch date in July.

NASA: "Astronaut Jeanette Epps continues to prepare for an upcoming long duration mission aboard Starliner-1. NASA also has identified backup flight opportunities for Epps on the SpaceX Crew Dragon spacecraft." Translation: She's on Crew-5 if the Russian seat swap doesn't happen.

NASA managers Thursday made another change to the crew on Boeing's Starliner capsule — moving one astronaut off the two-person crew and moving another up to take his place.

NASA announced the astronauts who will be the first to launch aboard Boeing’s Starliner capsule.

NASA names the first two astronauts who will fly on Boeing’s Starliner spacecraft

@DJSnM  They designed Boeing's Starliner pressure suits. They're probably a subcontractor for one of the other companies, or maybe they did not attend the industry day.

That's it for NASA's SLS news conference today—they announced a NET June 19 date for the next fueling test. With Starliner home safely, and no scheduled launches until June 3, I think it's time for a long weekend. Have fun, stay safe, and be kind to one another!


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She’s here! Only a small dot for now, but soon she will knock at our door. #Starliner  #OFT2 

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Join the virtual voyage of @BoeingSpace 's #Starliner  on OFT-2, the test flight to the @Space_Station  that will help qualify it as our newest human-rated spacecraft! Watch live as Starliner lifts off, scheduled for 6:54pm ET (22:54 UTC) Thursday, May 19:

NASA, @BoeingSpace , and @ulalaunch  have scrubbed today's launch to the @Space_Station  due to unexpected valve position indications in the Starliner propulsion system. The next launch opportunity would be Aug. 4 at 12:57pm ET (16:57 UTC). Follow updates:

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A major step forward for @Commercial_Crew  this week: @BoeingSpace 's #Starliner  spacecraft rolled out of the processing facility and was secured atop a @ulalaunch  rocket. Starliner's first launch, an uncrewed test flight to @Space_Station , is Dec. 17.

Starting off 2020 with a highlight video from the #AtlasV  launch of @BoeingSpace 's #Starliner  Orbital Flight Test!

Happening Now: Flight controllers are turning @BoeingSpace 's #Starliner  spacecraft to a position that will recharge its solar arrays. Starliner is currently in a stable orbit. Watch our live coverage:

NASA astronaut E. Michael “Mike” Fincke has been added to the crew of ’s CST-100 Starliner’s Crew Flight Test, scheduled to launch later this year:

Hear from the five astronauts who will be the first fly 's Starliner and 's Crew Dragon to the International Space Station!