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Williams led Stanford with a career-high 15 points per game last season.

In a special COVID-19 episode of @FrankBuckleyTV  Interviews, our host chats with leading Stanford researchers Dr. Amy Price and Dr. Larry Chu about wearing masks during a pandemic. Watch live:

Armed with intellectual property generated in the lab of Edgar Engleman at Stanford University, Tranquis Therapeutics Inc. has emerged from stealth mode through a $30 million series A round.

Stanford Institute for Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence, the AI Initiative at the Future Society, the Patrick J. McGovern Foundation and others are partnering on a platform, Collective and Augmented Intelligence Against COVID-19 (CAIAC). Learn more:

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Stanford University has announced that it will drop 11 varsity sports, including fencing, sailing and squash. Athletics at elite colleges "are a quiet sort of affirmative action for affluent white kids," Saahil Desai argued in 2018:

A Free Stanford Course on How to Teach Online: Designed for Middle & High School Teachers (July 13 – 17) The free class starts tomorrow. Feel free to share with any teachers out there.

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Can Cal, USC and Stanford use their experience to help them contend for a @pac12  title this season?

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Stanford to cut 11 of 36 varsity programs after 2020-21 season​

Column from a brutal Wednesday in college athletics, when the Ivy League shut down its fall sports and Ohio State paused workouts and Stanford dropped 11 programs. America failed to respect its opponent, and the price is being paid


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She has been known to the world as “Emily Doe,” the sexual assault victim of Stanford swimmer Brock Turner. Now she’s revealing her name and face. Chanel Miller, here reading her victim impact statement, gives her first interview to "60 Minutes"

SCOOP: I obtained a whistleblower complaint about Stanford's COVID-19 study. Turns out JetBlue's founder, a critic of the economic shutdowns, helped fund it. And John Ioannidis and others allegedly ignored internal scientists' concerns about the test.

According to a Stanford University study, since Mo Salah joined Liverpool, hate crimes in the area have decreased by 19% and anti-Muslim comments online have dropped by 50%. Impact on and off the pitch.

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"At the end of the day, my son has his own journey. And it is his journey, not my journey." – Emmitt Smith after his son, EJ, committed to Stanford

Folks, I live on campus at Stanford University. In my community, I'm surrounded by scientists and doctors. If I sound alarmed, it's because they are alarmed. The harm of moving faster as a nation is grossly outweighed by moving too slow. Right now, we are moving too slow.

Emmitt Smith praising his son after choosing Stanford over his alma mater Florida, gave us one of the best videos of 2019 ?

Updated AP Poll after Week 1: 1. Alabama 2. Clemson 3. FSU 4. Ohio St 5. Michigan 6. Houston 7. Stanford 8. Washington 9. UGA 10. Wisconsin

I remember what it was like before Roe. I know how dangerous it was. When I was at Stanford, we passed a plate to collect money so a friend could get an abortion in Tijuana. Another woman became pregnant unintentionally. She killed herself. We can’t go back. #WhatsAtStake 

The former Stanford University student who sexually assaulted a woman was just released from prison after 12 weeks.