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A cat detained at Sri Lanka’s high-security Welikada Prison while allegedly trying to smuggle drugs and cell phone SIM cards has escaped

Sri Lanka to hold general elections tomorrow with strict health guidelines amidst #COVID19  situation. 7450 candidates in fray for parliament seats, around 1.62 crore voters eligible to exercise their franchise.

A cat was found wandering into the high-security Welikada Prison in Sri Lanka with nearly two grams of heroin in a bag tied to its collar. Despite being detained overnight, the felon absconded the next day, possibly after hearing inmates say that ‘prison is no place for pussies.’

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#ExpressOpinion  | Sri Lanka’s parliamentary elections will hold lessons for India’s Election Commission ahead of Bihar polls

#IEWorld | President Gotabaya Rajapaksa hopes for a two-thirds majority for the Sri Lanka People's Party (SLPP) in the general election so that he can amend the Constitution to restore presidential powers curbed by a 2015 constitutional change.

Sri Lanka’s election commission makes wearing face mask mandatory for voters

Rajapaksa brothers look to tighten grip in Sri Lanka polls Sri Lankans head to the polls Wednesday with the ruling Rajapaksa brothers looking for a super-majority in parliament to change the constitution and unravel democratic safeguards Read--

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Sri Lanka's general election is set for Wednesday. What are the stakes for the international community, especially China and India? Here's what you need to know about the upcoming election.


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Are the ancient Hindu myths of a land bridge connecting India and Sri Lanka true? Scientific analysis suggests they are. #WhatonEarth 

The attacks on tourists and Easter worshippers in Sri Lanka are an attack on humanity. On a day devoted to love, redemption, and renewal, we pray for the victims and stand with the people of Sri Lanka.

138 people have been killed in Sri Lanka, with more that 600 badly injured, in a terrorist attack on churches and hotels. The United States offers heartfelt condolences to the great people of Sri Lanka. We stand ready to help!

How do President Obama and Secretary Clinton both come up with Easter worshippers in their tweets about the murders in Sri Lanka? To have both of them use the same term the same day is strange. Is Easter Worshipper the left’s new way to avoid the word Christian? Pathetic

Strongly condemn the horrific blasts in Sri Lanka. There is no place for such barbarism in our region. India stands in solidarity with the people of Sri Lanka. My thoughts are with the bereaved families and prayers with the injured.

It is revealing that the correspondent of India Today TV met a Minister from Sri Lanka yesterday and tried to make him to criticise the CAA. The Minister declined to answer stating that it was an internal matter. Such is the patriotism of MSM

Spoke to Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe of Sri Lanka this morning to inform him that the United States stands by him and his country in the fight against terrorism. Also expressed condolences on behalf of myself and the People of the United States!

We heard a lot about the evils of white supremacy in the aftermath of the New Zealand mosque attack. We’re hearing very little about the evils of Islam in the wake of the Sri Lanka church attacks. The media Left hides the truth when it’s ideologically inconvenient

The Sri Lanka death toll is now over 200 and involves multiple churches. A far worse terrorist attack than the one in New Zealand! Yet this is a terrorist attack against Christians. Where is the unceasing wall to wall coverage that we got on the New Zealand attacks?

Please pray with me for everyone in Sri Lanka and the Philippines as I begin my trip.