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The motherfucker’s shirt says Free Ghislaine. @Spotify  wyd

Spotify has been on a winning streak with the acquisition of Joe Rogan’s incredibly popular podcast this summer, along with exclusive deals with Kim Kardashian and DC Comics.

Things that didn’t exist the last time the Dodgers won the World Series: Google Facebook Twitter TikTok Netflix Amazon Instagram Snap eBay Tesla iPhone YouTube Zoom iPad Gmail PlayStation Xbox LinkedIn Yahoo Spotify Uber Bitcoin PayPal Pinterest Yelp Airbnb Craigslist Wikipedia

Seems like Joe Rogan looking for an out to the Spotify deal at this point. It’s never been easier to be a troll which makes him hosting sick trolls a lame move. Bad choices.

$SPOT Spotify Technology S.A. O Top stock up 148% from low. Close: 287.45 VolvsAvg: 1.44 Liq: $512M

When Yaponhik showed up in Brooklyn in 1992, rumors were he was sent to reign in the burgeoning Russia mobsters in NYC, that he'd been killing too many people in Russia, that too many people wanted him dead. Listen: Spotify: Itunes:

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#healthin2point00 Episode 161 is now available on our iTunes & Spotify Channels! Give is a listen below

The Retweet Train Show AFTER DARK presents Working Class Men ~ *PaulPsgeno Hot & Funky Spotify,Itunes & Amazon

OUT NOW. The Golden Boys' - Episode 3 of #TheBloodiedFieldPod  Listen and subscribe on Spotify & iTunes #B100dySunday  Spotify: iTunes: /

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Have you joined the BTS Party yet? Be sure to connect with Spotify so you can get access to the new BTS song on August 21st! //  // @bts_bighit  #BTS 

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what @Spotify  playlists you adding ‘This Town’ to ?

The journey is complete 💜 @BTS_twt 's Map of the Soul: 7 is here. Navigate the surprises in their enhanced album, only on Spotify. #SpotifyxBTS 

That time of the year. Mistletoe is currently the most streamed UMG song on Spotify. Thanks

If you wanna stream the album go on @Spotify  and have a listen