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"I thought the metaverse would be more fun than this." via @spectator 

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Did Number 10 having any role in shutting down #politicsforall  because it tweeted The New European Boris Johnson “Buyer’s Remorse” scoop? These days, anything seems possible… here is founder Nick Moar’s account in the Spectator this week.

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From the Spectator: The fate of the French Socialists a warning for Boris Johnson - A party which ignores its base is destined for extinction ..

'We now know that the Plan B restrictions were never needed' ✍️ Spectator leading article

Restaurants, gyms, cinemas — which have been closed since early this month — can reopen on Jan 31 at 50% capacity, and spectator areas of sporting events, concert venues and theatres can operate with no more than 500 people. #COVID19Ontario 

politics is a spectator's sport. I don't like watching sports.

In a tragic incident, a 24-year-old spectator was gored to death by a bull during a #Jallikattu  event in Trichy district of #TamilNadu 

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Helen Donnelly, one of Canada’s top clown artists and a driving force in country’s therapeutic clown movement, dies at 53 | By Jeff Mahoney, Spectator Reporter#HamOnt 


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The Spectator is apparently set to run a hit piece against @MarcusRashford . This magazine has published articles saying black people have lower IQs, that "there's not nearly enough Islamophobia in the Tory Party", & defending Greek neo-Nazis. They're not fit to lick his boots.

Tomorrow when the Spectator comes for @MarcusRashford , Marcus Rashford has already made it so that the world comes for the Spectator. This feels like a new type of power - home-made and decent - that old media can't yet get to grips with.

The Spectator describes me as “the permanently outraged MP”. Highest excess death toll in Europe. Deepest recession in G7. Unicef forced to feed our kids. Billions to Tory mates in dodgy contracts. Climate catastrophe looming. If you’re not angry, you’re not paying attention.

Johnson’s idea of smashing elites and making ?? a meritocracy: Allegra Stratton, today named his press secretary, is married to James Forsyth, political editor of the Spectator, which Johnson once edited. Mary Wakefield, its commissioning editor, is married to Dominic Cummings.

Joe Biden isn’t ‘gaffe-prone’, he’s losing his mind | Spectator USA

No need to bother, Co-op. As of today you are henceforth banned from advertising in The Spectator, in perpetuity. We will not have companies like yours use their financial might to try to influence our editorial content, which is entirely a matter for the editor.

“Boris isn’t fit to lead” says The Spectator. The Spectator - right wing, ex-editor @BorisJohnson , currently employing Dominic Cummings’ wife. And they are right - he isn’t. “He is not up to the job” they say.

Mary Wakefield, Cummings’ wife, can drive. This is from a piece she wrote for the Spectator in 2012. ?

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If he's concerned about false reports in the media about his actions, he should read the article in the Spectator by Mary Wakefield

NONE of this was in Cummings’ wife’s lengthy @spectator  account of what happened.