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@KorstenKristjan  I don't like distortions of history or sweeping things soviet-style under the carpet. What you say is what Sovs have told us about their crimes since 1991.

I've always thought idea of seizing Russian central bank assets to pay to rebuild Ukraine would obliterate the "rules based order" which the west allegedly stands for. A Swiss court & German govt have ruled it out. Govts cant just seize other sovs assets.

Repatriating money back to Japan. That flow would obviously have an impact on global asset prices. So this large savings pool and what it is doing is critically important to the global markets as is other large pools like China PBOC, Norway sovereign fund, Middle eastern sovs

TAP Lesson of the Day: Makati exclusive enclaves as scarcity SOVs like #Bitcoin  “Ayala Land can’t build another Makati Forbes Park anymore. They can in Pampanga or Nuvali” We must #HODL  long term! Imagine if I sold my Makati investment after 10 years? We never sell our #BTC 

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Digital Reserve Store of Value (SoV) Vault performance since inception is ~65%. Asset allocation: 50% $BTC & 50% $ETH. Both Bitcoin and Ethereum are digital SoVs. The vault was designed for capital appreciation and inflation hedge purposes. SoV Vault:

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"Bond Blogger" weekly: US rates getting close to signalling recession EU sovs continue getting off the floor Dimon wants domestic energy "Marshall Plan" Possible EU diesel shortages (1/3 EU cars use diesel) Govts providing energy support to citizens

@chrizap  One of my recurring waking nightmares is how people in my country in 1939 happily ignored what was going around them in Europe and argued over big problems that were just domestic kerffufles. A year later the Sovs were in, the disappearances, arrests and killings had begun.

Instead of a press release in Ukrainian, publish a fast op-ed in the European & US press. The Gleiwitz fake attack as a pretext for Germany to invade Poland and the Mainila fake for the Sovs to invade Finland in 1939 are unknown among the historical illiterates in the West.

@BelarusPolicy  @EU_Commissionr  @MattiMaasikasoughly  7% of the population, which is the % that fled Estonia and Latvia when the sovs re-invaded

@i_silin  I spoke of Kazakstan, where the concept of solidarity seems still to exist, at least to look at what is happening there now. Not all people are sovs. Kazakhstan is not Russia.


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@edwardlucas  Let's recall far "tinier " Iceland in 1990 and 91 standing up to the Sovs by recognizing the Baltic countries' right to independence. Generally, the size of a country is inversely correlated with its behaviour, alas, as Thucydides already described in the Melian dialogues.

Also one day after the anniversary of when the Sovs began their mass murder of Polish officers in Katyn in 1940.

72 years ago, 2 days after the Sovs sealed off Berlin, the US began the Berlin Airlift, with a plane dropping off food and supplies every 30 seconds. 72 years later the administration can't formulate a plan to bring 3000 Americans ashore from a ship off San Francisco Bay.

I am genuinely surprised no journalist has yet asked -- who always brings up his time fighting the Sovs in Afghanistan -- about what he thinks of this.

Last year I posted on this extensively. Turns out I have been had. Disgusting. Nauseating. I thought only sovs do that.