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Russia has rejected the deployment of any U.S. troops in countries neighboring Afghanistan -- namely the former Soviet republics in the region, such as Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, or Tajikistan.

It’s full of vivid characters who say things like: “If we wanted to volunteer, we’d help the homeless,” and “I’m not big on ethics.” If you want to understand how we got to a point where post-Soviet hackers can shut down the American gas supply and meat production, read this.

In the Soviet Union, a man who was anything less than "macho" – chest puffed out and rifle at the ready – was, for all intents and purposes, criminal. How little has changed, laments @nk18 .

soviet-era'>Abandoned Soviet-era uranium mines and processing plants have left areas of Central Asia threatened by toxic waste dumps and radioactive contaminants. We are at the forefront of work to clean up the sites to protect human health and the environment.

While in fiction there are no limitations to the writer’s imagination, in the real world the Soviet Georgian women’s triumphs owed not to chance but to effective social policies that cleared barriers from their path.

President Biden tells the UN General Assembly the United States isn't seeking to reenter a global era of conflict akin to the decades-long standoff with the Soviet Union.

A former agent for the KGB spy agency and its post-Soviet successor agency FSB, Alexander Litvinenko defected from Russia in 2000 and fled to London.

@CBCAdrianH  It's a good question. I rode unheated Soviet era trams in Moscow that showered sparks behind them and were still far more reliable than Ottawa's LRT.

Roman Leshchenko, Ukraine’s minister of agrarian policy and food, has a vision of creating a global ag powerhouse with the initiation of a new land reform program to create a private farmland market and modernization of its Soviet-era irrigation system.

A former agent for the KGB and the post-Soviet successor agency FSB, Litvinenko defected from Russia in 2000 and fled to London.


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Bernie Sanders was lucky to be able to get to the Soviet Union in 1988 and praise all its stunning socialist achievements before the entire system and empire collapsed under the weight of its own spectacular failures.

The NYT amazing report on Trump's post-election insanity helps explain why he has so many almost-certainly-illegal projects around the world. Over the past 25 years, there has been an astonishing amount of illegal money flowing out of former Soviet Union and... 1/

Exclusive: For Bernie Sanders, his 1988 trip to the Soviet Union was an effort to build diplomatic ties. For the Soviets, it was the start of a years-long propaganda effort to exploit his antiwar agenda, documents obtained by The New York Times show.

“The ERCOT grid has collapsed in exactly the same manner as the old Soviet Union,” said Ed Hirs, an energy fellow at the University of Houston. “It limped along on underinvestment and neglect until it finally broke under predictable circumstances."

It is Soviet-level disinformation to claim people who marched directly from a Trump rally to the Capitol at his public urging, photographed & live-streamed their exploits, & bragged to reporters were actually part of one big false flag operation. There is no bottom to the lies

In the Soviet Union, competent bureaucrats were eliminated if their truth-telling embarrassed the Leader. Trump is creating the same kind of dysfunctional loyalty cult in Washington, DC, right before our eyes. And no one is stopping him.

This is some weird soviet shit right here

Bernie honeymooned in the Soviet Union and spoke out in favor of Communist bread lines. Now two of his staffers are on tape praising gulags. Gulags! If Bernie doesn’t fire them immediately, he’s morally disqualifying himself to be president of the United States @Project_Veritas