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A team of biologists captured the biggest snake ever recorded in Florida, a 215-pound, 5.5 metre-long python. Joy Malbon has more.

A necropsy also found hoof cores in the snake's digest system, meaning that an adult white-tailed deer was its last meal:

THIS WEEK: Bears grip Nigeria's equities market as inflationary pressure bites harder -

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A team searching under dense vegetation in the pine flatwoods of the Everglades late last year came upon a slithering sight, the likes of which no one had found before in those parts: 215 pounds of snake.

PIH cancels Lake Wind Advisory for Lower Snake River Plain [ID] till 9:00 PM MDT

#Snake catcher in #AndhraPradesh  rescues 13-foot-tall #kingcobra 

As Mosquito Control Awareness Week comes to a close, Charleston County Government has provided tips to lower the risk of mosquito bites.

The Washington County Sheriff's Office announced that 50-year-old Bernardo Garcia Jr., who went missing on the Snake River, was located Saturday near Catfish Junction.

PIH extends Lake Wind Advisory for Lower Snake River Plain [ID] till 9:00 PM MDT


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Malaysian burgers are served wrapped in a fried egg. ?

Putin reportedly has a $97 million luxury yacht called "Graceful". A group of Anonymous hackers on Saturday figured out a way to mess with maritime traffic data & made it look like the yacht had crashed into Ukraine's Snake Island, then changed its destination to "hell":

Audio from Snake Island, Black Sea: Russians: This is a Russian warship. I propose you lay down arms and surrender to avoid bloodshed & unnecessary victims. Otherwise, you’ll be bombed. Ukrainians: Russian warship, go fuck yourself. They were all killed

This is fucking wild. Norton "Antivirus" now sneakily installs cryptomining software on your computer, and then SKIMS A COMMISSION.

Trump just killed the Al Queda leader in Yemen. Another disgusting terrorist (austere religious scholar in media speak) bites the dust. Meanwhile Democrats are learning how to count and failing basic addition. Thank you @realDonaldTrump 

Malaysian singer dies of Covid days after giving birth

This gamer didn't see herself in The Sims. So she created content to fill the void.

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Do not amplify misinformation. If someone is consistently hyping snake-oil miracle cures, or making up stories about policies that aren't real, stop putting a camera or a mic on that person as a source for information in this crisis. Rebut lies. Tell the truth. Cite sources.

Another one bites the dust. Thanks @realDonaldTrump ⁩ for taking the fight to these monsters and taking out their leadership one by one. Amazing work. U.S. Strikes at Leader of Qaeda in Yemen - The New York Times

A bunch of celebs were given gifts allegedly bought illegally by friends of the Malaysian government. #1MDB 

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