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If the thought of using a slice of bologna as a moisturizing face mask was tempting, you're out of luck — for now

If the thought of using a slice of bologna as a moisturizing face mask was tempting, you're out of luck — for now

This is a variation of the “Salami Tactics” from the Cold War - a Soviet invasion completed small slice by small slice. No one particular Russian action is likely to spur a full response from NATO.

Trevor Noah didn’t find it “that surprising” that Novak Djokovic would be against the vax given that “this is a man who says he knows he has a gluten intolerance—and this is completely true—because he’s physically weaker if he’s holding a slice of bread.”

Say #cheese ! It’s #NationalCheeseLoversDay . 🧀 The cheese#manufacturing  industry in the United States reported sales of $59.1 billion in 2020.  Slice off more #CensusEconData  from our 2020 Annual Survey of Manufactures: #mfg 

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Talk about a slice of self care: Oscar Mayer’s bologna sheet masks (not made with actual cold cuts) claim to hydrate and protect your skin for $5 a pop.

Everyone knows that the best way to unwind after a long day is to slap a cool slice of bologna onto your face, after biting out holes for the mouth and eyes. At least that's the inspiration for @oscarmayer 's new rejuvenating face mask.

Boris comes out ahead of Pork Pie plotters with big slice of good Covid news

You might say, $12M doesn't sound like a lot. It's a small slice of $15B operating budget. But for *this* city, with a council that dragged its feet for years implementing $15M youth equity strategy, it's a significant amount to commit upfront without help from other governments

For the nostalgic consumer that remembers biting three holes into a slice of bologna as a kid, Kraft Heinz's Oscar Mayer wants to "pay homage" to that childhood traditions with a limited-edition offering...that's not actually edible.


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Things they should teach you in school: the correct way to slice a pomegranate

Who wants a slice of cake? ? On this day in 1975, Microsoft was born.

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MLB is going back to Iowa. The @Reds  and @Cubs  will make their way to a little slice of heaven in Dyersville on August 11, 2022. #MLBatFieldofDreams  🌽

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This father couldn’t afford a full cake for his daughter’s birthday. She wasn’t expecting one. But he did find a slice. And she melted...

Romney tells @jaketapper  that GOP has “strayed“ from its core values. “I don’t see us returning to that for a long time. As I look at the 2024 contenders, most of them are trying to be as much like Donald Trump as they can be.” Says he represents “very small slice” of GOP today

Dear Emperor @GavinNewsom  During our allotted 3 family limit this Thanksgiving, if my Aunt comes over, can I throw her a slice of turkey from the window? We promise NOT to sing... we will all just whisper, “PLEASE RECALL DIPSHIT GAVIN NEWSON!”

Today is @realDonaldTrump  birthday. Happy Birthday, Mr. President! Joe Biden has invited you over to his basement to have some cake. Take Pelosi w/ you, but be a gentleman and let her have the first slice.

If America’s household wealth were a pie, here’s how it would be divided up: 9 slices to the wealthy 0.8 of a slice to the upper middle class 0.2 of a slice to the middle class 0.03 of a slice to the lower middle class And the poor owe pie

@Harry_Styles  x Bread: a playlist. 'Girl Crust' 'Adough You' 'Moulden' 'Ever Slice New York' 'Sweet Butter' 'Breadicine'

From the backyard to the Octagon. Legendary fighter slice'>Kimbo Slice would have been 46 today.