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Our data center was named Skynet as a joke over 10 years ago. Might have been tempting fate!

I SEE YOU COLUMBIA, TN...showing off that sunset on our Skynet 5 Site! @NC5  @NC5_BreeSmith_ @NC5_LelanStatom @HeatherWAAY3 @NikkiDeeRay #sunsetr #NoFilter #TNwxeSmith  _LelanStatom _HMathis

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#Decentralized storage — cloud storage that does not rely on any single entity — is becoming more and more important, but what part does SkyNet play in this? Click below to read how their open protocol could play a role in the #DeFi  / storage industry.

Can’t believe China called its mass electronic surveillance system “Skynet”.

I mean, maybe YouTube? Twitter is frequently terrible, but imo far less unpleasant than FB, which increasingly feels like SkyNet, but worse.

Through the Skynet programme Airbus provides a range of space-based services to export customers worldwide including Australia, the US and other NATO Allies $AIR #SATCOM  #defence  #militarysatellite  #Australian 

Airbus has owned and operated the UK Skynet#militarysatellite  communications system, providing 24/7 services across the world for more than 15 years on behalf of the UK Ministry of Defence, under a multi-billion contract $AIR #SATCOM  #defence  #Australian 

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iPhone 12 being interviewed for SkyNet nomination in a few minutes.

Droppa makes inroads in courier, fleet industry: Company secures partnership with giant Skynet SA

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Skynet Does The Office: Citrix Says By 2035, Workers With Implanted Chips Will Have “Labor Market Advantage#zerohedge 


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I am ready to hear more from Skynet about how it might run things.

Why are the machines STILL trying to kill Sarah Conner? Just go back to the 1890s and kill her grandparents back when everyone had muskets. Skynet ain’t changed up the offense. They need a new GM. Conner in 5.

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With most new tech, the people closest to it are the most excited and people further away are skeptical. Machine learning/AI is the opposite. People who aren’t close say ‘OMG this is Skynet/singularity!’ but the people who are deep into it say ‘well, it works OK, I guess’

Is your account sending DMs/Tweets without yr involvement? Not Skynet; you're phished. Follow these steps: .

Top 15 robots that prove skynet is coming..

Putin Calls For Strategic Alliance with Skynet "Together, men and machines can defeat the West."

WiFi to the whole world, 1st launch late this year. I wonder if the name 'Skynet' is taken? (Getty Images)

The greatest trick Skynet ever pulled was calling itself Pokemon GO