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While Libya is the battlefield, there is a larger regional contest shaping up between Sisi and Erdogan, who is seemingly unimpressed by the Egyptian president’s red lines and threat of force

Week in Review | Does Erdogan think Sisi is bluffing in Libya? via @AlMonitor 

#Egypt's #Sisi  congratulates #UAE  on operation of #Barakah  nuclear power plant

#AMAY| Egypt’s Sisi approves ban on retired army officers standing for election

Sisi greets Swiss confederation president on national day - Egypttoday

Egypt seeks extradition of Sisi's 'pain in Spain'

Egypt #Sisi  approves ban on retired army officers standing for election Critics of Sisi, a former army chief, re-elected for a second term in 2018, say the amendments passed by parliament aim to curb any opposition from prominent former army generals

Egypt's President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi has ratified a law banning active and former military personnel from running for the presidency or parliament without the army's approval.


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This is Shady Habash, a 24 year old filmmaker who was arrested two years ago after directing a music video mocking el-Sisi, the Egyptian dictator armed and backed by the British Government. He's just died alone in prison. The least we can do is to take a moment to remember him.

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Egyptian officials tried to stop 60 Minutes from airing an interview with President Sisi. Producers tell the backstory on 60 Minutes Overtime

Discussed on phone with sisi'>President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi@AlsisiOfficial  about the COVID-19 situation in India and Egypt. India will extend all possible support to Egypt’s efforts to control the spread of the virus and its impact.

Excited to see our friends in Egypt opening the biggest Cathedral in the Middle East. sisi'>President El-Sisi is moving his country to a more inclusive future!

Getting ready to meet President al-Sisi of Egypt. On behalf of the United States, I look forward to a long and wonderful relationship.

...confidence that President Al Sisi will handle situation properly.

It was an honor to welcome President Al Sisi of Egypt to the as we renew the historic partnership between the U.S. and Egypt.

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Trump calls Egypt's Sisi his 'favorite dictator.' I believe the United States should stand for human rights, especially with governments that receive large amounts of US aid, as Egypt does. All people have the right to protest for a better future. Sisi should respect that right.

Daddy and SiSi. To Sweet ?

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