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@DevinNunes : "The more that they do this, the more that there are press conferences like this, the more they go in with sirens blazing and guns at 6:30 in the morning - the wider this divide is going to get, and clearly Garland, not a surprise, is oblivious to that."

The @GettyMuseum  have announced they will return a set of illegally excavated third century BC sculptures—known as Orpheus and the Sirens—to Italy

The Getty Museum is returning its Orpheus sculptures – a culturally significant group of nearly life-size terracotta figures known as “Orpheus and the Sirens” — back to Italy. The objects have been determined to have been illegally excavated and exported.

Air raid sirens are audible over Ukraine again. Russian missiles “tourism” is on the air. #UkraineFrontLines 

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A common experience for locals: entering the train station amid air sirens 🚨 #Ukraine 

The museum said it is returning five items, including "Orpheus and the Sirens," a group of life-size terracotta figures.

Consumers Energy says it plans to test its sirens near the Hardy, Croton and Rogers dams on Thursday, Aug. 18.

“Orpheus and the Sirens” is extremely fragile and the museum is working on “specially tailored equipment and procedures” regarding its transfer.

The defense attorney said the acquittal is a signal to the district attorney’s office to stop pursing criminal cases against police officers linked to accidents. The former officer was speeding without his emergency lights or sirens on when he crashed.


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It's been 6 hours of rocket attacks on Israeli civilians. 6 hours of sirens sounding in Israeli towns and cities. 6 hours of men, women and children continously running for shelter. Terrorists continue to attack Israeli civilians. We continue to defend them.

In a video released by Zelensky in Borodyanka for May 8, Ukraine’s Day of Remembrance & Reconciliation, he asks, “never again? Try telling Ukraine that.” He draws comparisons between Ukraine fight against Russia to WW2 fight against fascism. Air raid sirens sounded as he posted.

BREAKING: Air raid sirens wail across Ukraine's capital

Checking into an Odessa hotel. Me: So, do you have a shelter? Receptionist: Yes. (But providing no details.) Me: Ok, where do we go if we hear a siren? Receptionist: Don't worry about the sirens. I'm from Donetsk. I'll tell you when to worry. And what to do then. Goodnight.

NEW: Air raid sirens now sounding in Kiev. Ukraine’s capitol is under attack.

Sirens wailed and Israelis came to a standstill for a two-minute moment of silence to remember the 6 million Jews killed in the Holocaust.

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The sirens in Brooklyn are constant today. It is so sad.

Sirens wailed and Israelis came to a standstill for a two-minute moment of silence to remember the 6 million Jews killed in the Holocaust.

The Defense Secretary of the United States has resigned because the President is cozying up to authoritarian regimes, alienating NATO, and betraying our long-standing allies. If Republicans in Congress can't hear the sirens from this 5 alarm fire, they never will.