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What is the meaning of this? ... Sir, I opened a Twitter account. For what? Maybe to create more opportunities and expand our reach? Hell no, just increase the newspaper ads and send more direct mail. OMG!!! *amreading *bookclubs *smm *authors

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🔴Sir Chris Whitty and Sir Patrick Vallance made the comments in a co-authored technical report on the Covid-19 pandemic in the UK

SIR-- You attack on the regular

Taxpayers Coughed Up Thousands for Sir Keir’s School Fees

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"Let us not be blind to the thousands who are still waiting a response" The former UK ambassador to Afghanistan, Sir Nicholas Kay, says the government must do more to help Afghans who worked for the British government flee from the country #Newsnight  |

Long-time friend of Sir Murray Halberg says he had acid, rather than blood in his veins

James Gunn sir I just wanna talk to you 😠

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Boris Johnson ‘vulnerable’ to being ousted as MP after confirming re-election plans, says poll expert 🔴 Elections guru Sir John Curtice warned Mr Johnson that Uxbridge and South Ruislip is “not the world’s safest constituency”

Sir Murray Halberg's best friend remembers him as a tough competitor on the track


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It has been an absolute honour to represent my country & state UP. I would like to announce my retirement from all formats of Cricket. I would like to thank @BCCI , @UPCACricket , @ChennaiIPL , @ShuklaRajiv  sir & all my fans for their support and unwavering faith in my abilities IN

The picture Nadine Dorries is retweeting is of Keir Starmer sharing a curry with Frank Dobson who died in 2019. Ergo he could not have been eating with Keir Starmer in 2021 no matter what time of day it was. Nadine Dorries is the Cabinet minister responsible for #disinformation 

I got to see my Uncle Elton tonight at the Oscars. Congrats on your win too, Sir! @eltonofficial 

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Um, Mr. Lavar Bell..i DID try and tell ya. I most certainly did. You cut checks your son couldn't cash. I did warn you sir. I really did.

So President Trump is complaining about "transparency" in the impeachment inquiries? Because of testimony behind closed doors? Ok, sir. Show us the tax returns, your business interests, and let us know what you talk about with Vladimir Putin. Then we can talk transparency.

So sir... If you truly feel that is a correct way to deal with toxic behavior... Should I slap the shit out of you?

Jimmy Fallon using his soap box for real leadership. Well done, sir.