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Estate agent Laurie Kavanagh called a Sikh police officer a 'Muslim c*** with a turban' and then threatened to rape a WPC after watching Chelsea draw 1-1 with Man Utd at Stamford Bridge last November. He walked free from court.

Members of the Sikh community are calling out the organizers of the Sundre rodeo for allowing a questionable parade float.

Although the victory of AAP in his bastion looked a certainty just a month back, but the killing of Punjabi singer Sidhu Moosewala killing and successful “noise” created against AAP by right-wing Sikh politicians seem to have upset its calculations.

#Punjab goes full circle over AAP in three months? @HarmeetSS  analyses how the party lost its Sangrur bastion to a 77-year-old Sikh right-wing politician on the side-track of the state’s polity #India  #News 

#SCClearsModi I am ashamed, appalled, disgusted & I want to apologise to everyone directly and indirectly affected by the Sikh riots of 1984 ... Are you willing to do that for 2002 riots?: @JhaSanjayasks  @gauravbh  Listen in to Mr Bhatia's response @thenewshour | @navikakumar 

Jewish, Muslim and Sikh leaders come together to condemn an alleged attack on Victoria's Baitul Salam mosque.

National Monuments Authority observed the Martyrdom Day of the great Sikh warrior Baba Banda Singh Bahadur at Red Fort in New Delhi. Baba Banda Singh Bahadur sacrificed to defend religion; his courage should not be forgotten: MoS@M_Lekhi 

Sikh to Sadhu: Here's how PM Modi fooled authorities by changing avatars to avoid arrest during Emergency

Congratulations to all 3 winners 🎉🎉 jinhone humare youtube live session se sikh kr apni learning ko asan shabdo mei share kiya... @AshokDa04443042  @Babulpradhan235  @Sandeep79408740  #Giveaway  #gift  #mukulagrawal 

Esate agent called Sikh police officer ‘a Muslim c***’

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An Arizona gas station owner is selling gas at nearly a half dollar less than other stations as gas prices reach record highs. The owner says "helping humanity" and his Sikh religious values are factors that led to him keeping his prices low.

This evening, I will be hosting a Sikh delegation at my residence. The group includes people from different walks of life. I will also be addressing the gathering at around 5:30 PM. Do watch…

Sharing highlights from today’s interaction with a Sikh delegation. We had extensive discussions on various subjects and I was glad to receive their insights.

Elated to host a Sikh delegation at my residence.

It's been a strength of India that everyone is free to wear what they want. If the hijab is disallowed, what about the Sikh turban? The Hindu's forehead mark? The Christian's crucifix? This college is going down a slippery slope. Let the girls in. Let them study. Let THEM decide.

#WATCH Pakistan’s ISI backed Khalistanis attacked a number of British Indians who were standing outside the Indian High Commission in London on March 9. The men wearing Sikh turbans raised slogans 'Naraa-e-Taqbeer' & 'Allah-u-Akbar'

The Langar tradition of the Sikh community is one of the many reasons India is Incredible. ‘Langar’ is now a term that will be used Universally. Thank you for making us proud.

When Trump gives commencement speech at West Point, one of the new Army officers he will be addressing will be an Indian-American woman breaking a barrier as old as the 218-year-old military academy -- first observant Sikh to graduate.

Rahul Gandhi's mentor Sam Pitroda justifying Sikh genocide of 1984.

Sikh group arrives at the vigil singing and holding We Love Manchester signs. They are greeted with mass applause.

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