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RSS is a victim of targeted attacks not a perpetrator: SC order reveals as it dismissed Tamil Nadu govt's plea against Madras HC's order allowing RSS to rally in the state @MeenakshiUpreti  walks us through the order copy accessed by TIMES NOW @harishvnair1  | Siddharth Talya

'Muslims in India doing much better than Muslims in Pakistan...': Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman further stated that 'minorities in Pak are dwindling'. Listen to some more reactions. #NirmalaSitharaman  #Muslims  | Siddhartha Talya

'If there's evidence against me, I'm prepared to hang myself', says Jagdish Tytler as TIMES NOW's @priyanktripathi  confronts him. 'Further probe in case the 1984 anti-Sikh riots took place after I submitted evidence to court': @mssirsa  Siddharth Talya

'It wasn't related to 1984 riots case,' says #JagdishTytler , as TIMES NOW's @priyanktripathi  confronts him after submitting his voice sample to CBI. 'Yes, I had filed complaint with significant evidence. A murderer has been living freely for years': @ManjitGK  Siddharth Talya

SC dismisses Tamil Nadu Govt.'s appeal against Madras HC's order that allowed RSS to undertake route marches in the state. 'SC has dismissed the appeasement policy of Tamil Nadu Govt': Ashwini Upadhyay, advocate tells TIMES NOW's @harishvnair1  @sreeprapanch  | Siddharth Talya

It took one GO Transit scheduling change to turn Siddhartha Batra from a regular commuter to a full-time remote worker.

It took one GO Transit scheduling change to turn Siddhartha Batra from a regular commuter to a full-time remote worker.

It took one GO Transit scheduling change to turn Siddhartha Batra from a regular commuter to a full-time remote worker.

"They (BRS) have no shame about the paper leak. A massive rally will be held in Warangal shortly," Telangana BJP chief & MP from Karimnagar, Bandi Sanjay Kumar says. Court's stand vindicates what Bandi Sanjay Kumar stood for: @kishanreddybjp  @sowmith7  | Siddhartha Talya

JDS calls ban on films, shows, OTT content etc. of #Kichcha Sudeep until the Karnataka Assembly elections are over. I'm a fan of Sudeep but his films, shows etc. can wait till the elections are over: @TheTanveerAhmed  @dpkBopanna  | @KeypadGuerilla  | Sidhhartha Talya


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FATF has cited in its report that Yes Bank co-founder Rana Kapoor was "forced" to buy an M. F. Husain painting from Congress's Priyanka Gandhi Vadra. @bhavatoshsingh  shares more details with Siddhartha Talya.

I am indirectly related to VG Siddhartha. Excellent human and brilliant entrepreneur. I am devastated with the contents of his letter. The Govt Agencies and Banks can drive anyone to despair. See what they are doing to me despite offer of full repayment. Vicious and unrelenting.

#TimesNowExclusive TIMES NOW accesses #RTIdocument  that shows the #Delhi  #AAPregime  allotting more than Rs.100 Crores to the #WaqfBoard  @DEKAMEGHNAanalyses  the #RTIdocument  copy. Siddartha Talya shares details.

#NobelFavouriteFraud The biggest nobel 'PR Con' exposed... TIMES NOW 'fact-checks' ecosystem. Here's what we found! @PadmajaJoshind  Siddhartha Talya with this mega expose.

#PFIRevengeRiot "Pakistan Zindabad" slogans ring out at #PFIprotest  rally in #Puneafter  members of the radical outfit were detained- watch exclusive updates on the #PFIcrisis , only on TIMES NOW! @Aruneel_Son-ground  and Siddartha Talya with more on the sloganeering.

#Karthikeya2: #RRR  star #RamCharan  congratulates team for mega success, #NikhilSiddhartha , #AnupamKher  react

#Karthikeya2: #Salaar  star #Prabhas  congratulates #NikhilSiddhartha , entire team for 'blockbuster success'

#Exclusive | Today, India has more than 700 monumental flags, which is more than any other country in the world. It just shows Indians are patriotic and they love their country: @MPNaveenJindal  speaks to Siddhartha Talya. #IndiaAT75  #IndependenceDay 

#Exclusive | It has been my dream for more than 30 years now that every Indian home must display the greatest symbol of our country every day. I believe one must display the flag on all days: @MPNaveenJindal  in conversation with Siddhartha Talya. #IndiaAT75  #IndependenceDay 

#Exclusive | I and my wife had set up the Flag Foundation of India, almost 20 years ago & our sole objective is to popularize the display of the national flag. Because for so long the flag has been kept away from the people: @MPNaveenJindal  speaks to Siddhartha Talya. #IndiaAT75