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A freight train filled with home appliances and toys is on its way from China's Qinzhou to Germany's Duisburg, the first of its kind on the Beibu Gulf Port-Chengdu-Poland-Germany route

Treatment can greatly improve quality of life, and CPAP machines are no longer the only option. Positional therapy, weight loss, oral appliances could also help.

Energy-efficient appliances don't just save you money, they're better for the planet as well⚡ 🌎

The #Tokyo2020  organizing committee has hung its hat on providing a ‘beyond carbon neutrality’ event, a goal it will meet with cardboard beds, medals made from recycled small appliances and podiums 3D printed from plastic waste

It’s RAD to be a partner in the @EPA ‘s Responsible Appliance Disposal program! We help to dispose of old appliances using the best practices available for the environment.

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#India : Stocks on the move #भारतीयशेयर्स() ▲ Financial sv #Aavas  +4%. Ban #AUSmall  +2%. Healthcar #Metropolis  +2.4%. Railwa #IRCTC  +1.5% 🔻 #ge '>Shippin #GE  -2.2%. Aut #AshokLey  -3.2%. Appliance #Butterfly  -4.3% #StockMarket 

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Food waste is a massive issue that affects several industries; mindful shopping can help remedy it. Many communities have resources you can use to lend, borrow, and trade tools and small appliances.

Our new U.K. import documentation confirms your products meet new post-Brexit rules. Appliances, lighting products and much more are covered. Learn more: #brexit  #uk 

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Which appliances would you want your generator to keep powering if the lights go out?💡 Use our tool to find the right wattage for your needs.

#India : Stocks on the move #भारतीयशेयर्स() ▲ Financial sv #Cholamandalam  +9.5%. Ban #PNB  +2.4%. Tyr #Balkrishna  +4.9%. Appliance #Butterfly  +1.5%. Medi #Den  +2.3% 🔻 #tidewater '>Lubrican #TideWater  -5%. Hote #LemonTree  -1.4%. Suga #Balrampur  -2.9%. Infr #GTL  -4.3% #StockMarket 

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Scared by that new report on climate change? Here's what you can do to help: • Eat less meat (about 30%) • Swap your car or plane ride for a bus or train • Use a smart thermostat in your home, and upgrade to more efficient appliances More:

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The mice are invading homes. They’re destroying crops. They’re chewing through appliances, sofas, cars — and livelihoods.

What costs more now? It's murky to compare to May 2020, but people still feel these increases. Car rental 110% (y/y) Gas 56% Used cars 30% Laundry appliances 27% Airfares 24% Auto insurance 17% Moving 16% Bacon 13% Bikes 10% Hotels 10% Furniture 9% Whole milk 7.2% Clothes 6%

There’s probably a billion dollar market in selling “dumb” appliances and housewares to people who don’t want “smart” ones. I’d start with a dumb TV, with no apps or anything that surveils your viewing to phone home to an ad network about what you’ve been watching.

California is experiencing a massive #heatwave . It’s important to take extra precautions right now. Conserve your energy: - Set your A/C to 78 degrees or higher - Turn off unnecessary lights - Use appliances during off hours

During this major #heatwave  we need to conserve energy. A few simple things you can do: - Set your A/C to 78° or higher during 3-10PM. - Turn off unnecessary lights - Use major appliances during cooler times of the day. - Sign up for flex alerts:

Has anyone else named and started talking to their kitchen appliances yet? No? Just me and Colin the Kettle? Ok #isolationdiary 

Pelosi has more money than the entire populations of some housing projects in the US. Is showing off your 15 flavor ice cream collection in extremely expensive appliances meant to be reassuring to people fighting 15 bill collectors during a pandemic & struggling to buy food?

Household appliances firm Dyson says has received an order from the UK government for 10,000 ventilators

PM has appealed to voluntarily switch off lights between 9:00 p.m to 9:09 pm on April 5. Some apprehensions have been expressed that this may cause instability in grid&voltage fluctuation which may harm electrical appliances.These apprehensions are misplaced:Ministry of Power

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