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So Hedge Fund Longs are getting destroyed and shorts'>Hedge Fund Shorts are not going down or are even up.. Quite clear people are blowing up, not bad for 20 days into the year.. This is what Excessive Leverage will do to people

Legendary Quotes “Inflation is transitory” Jake Powell, June 2021 “Subprime is contained” Ben Bernanke, Feb 2007 “I will hurt the shorts, and that is my goal." Dick Fuld, April 2008

Food shorts: German pork knuckles, Southern fried chicken and more

After this mornings margin selling unwind never underestimate the power of the rebound remember the only sellers typically are shorts and margin calls -- the rest of the world only buys. $TQQQ $F etc.

💓 🙏 MIRACLE IN NORTH TEXAS: The #Dallas  boy who went missing in freezing temperatures - wearing only shorts and socks - has been found alive!

Dallas police are searching for an 11-year-old boy who has been missing for two nights and was last seen wearing only shorts and socks during frigid temperatures.

$NVDA shorts are covering here.....

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Let's check back in on the shorts...

it's worth pointing out that the recent shorts in #crytocurrencies  #btc  and #eth  were very clear) were extremely clear from a technical perspective. Anyone actively trading these markets must see patterns like that!

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I would cover my shorts in cryptos for now; not that I had any when I first called the double top at 68,000. Current price 38,000


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#Kai from @weareoneEXO  appears in the latest @VogueKorea  issue wearing a GG jacquard bomber jacket with matching shorts, linen jacket from #GucciPreFall19  by #AlessandroMichele . #GucciEditorials  Photography: #HeeJuneKim  Stylist: #SeaJunKim 

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Short shorts coming soon to Tesla merch

Tesla will make fabulous short shorts in radiant red satin with gold trim

Limited edition short shorts now available at

Who wears short shorts? ??

Norway’s women's beach handball players were each fined 150 euros for wearing shorts rather than bikini bottoms. Men are allowed to wear shorts. A spokeswoman for the International Handball Federation said she did not know the reason for the rules.

U.S. pop singer Pink has offered to pay a fine given to the Norwegian female beach handball team for wearing shorts instead of the required bikini bottoms.

The same financial media that allowed shorts free reign to bash stocks to hell for years are now calling folks with $1,000 in a #RobinHood  account a cartel. Trying to illicit sympathy for folks who made billion crushing stocks and pay the lowest taxes rates isn't going to work

Happy Fathers Day to my dad who will look for any excuse to wear shorts! (This is him at a charity event)

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