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Rev. Al Sharpton called for an end to qualified immunity during a eulogy for Tyre Nichols: 'You want to be a tough guy? Well, let's get rid of qualified immunity & see if you learn the same manners you have on the white side of town, you'll have ... on the Black side of town.'

Thugs opened fire on Memphis police officers this afternoon. No officers were hurt. This just a few days after Al Sharpton called our cops gangbangers.

Al Sharpton warns UK could suffer US-style police brutality without deep reform

Al Sharpton warns UK could suffer US-style police brutality without deep reform

‘People had to march & go to jail, & some lost their lives, to open the doors for you’ — Rev. Al Sharpton said Wednesday the conduct of the 5 ex-Memphis police officers involved in the killing of Tyre Nichols disgraces the legacy of the Civil Rights Movement & Dr. King's dream

'You don't fight crime by becoming criminals yourself' — Rev. Al Sharpton said there are better ways for police departments to balance public safety and people's basic rights while speaking at the funeral for Tyre Nichols on Wednesday

"All I want is my baby brother back,” Keyana Dixon said at her brother Tyre Nichols' funeral this week. She spoke alongside Vice President Kamala Harris, Reverend Al Sharpton and others who demanded police accountability.

A gang of thugs is carjacking motorists in wealthy parts of #Memphis . At least 3 reports so far - including a young mom and her kids. It's important to be armed at all times in Memphis -- just in case the predators target your family. No comment from Al Sharpton or Kamala.

Nationally-known civil rights activist Al Sharpton will be coming to Rochester to speak at Reverend Franklin Florence’s funeral service next Friday.

Al Sharpton -- a nationally-known civil rights activist and minister -- will be coming to Rochester to speak at Reverend Franklin Florence's funeral service next weekend.


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Rev. Al Sharpton gets giant raise, and his charity spends $1M on jets, limos

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So Dems and the media are fine with this I'm sure, but it's too dangerous for people to vote in person or bury their loved ones? ??? “The Aug. 28 rally, organized by the Rev. Al Sharpton, aims to bring 100,000 people to the nation’s capital"

NEWS: the Floyd family and Al Sharpton announce an they will hold a massive march on Washington in August to call for a federal policing equality act

Trump on Fox News Sunday on renaming Fort Bragg: “We’re going to name it after the Reverend Al Sharpton? What are you going to name it, Chris, tell me what you’re going to name it?”

Trump on Fox, asking who the people who want to rename military bases want to rename Fort Bragg after: “Are you going to name it after Rev. Al Sharpton?” That’s kind of a revealing name to pluck out of the air.

2. And they’ve had help from Obama, Bush, Sharpton, Murkowski, Romney, Mattis, Kelly, Democrat mayors who run these cities, Biden who has been systemically racist over his forever DC career, the media, etc.

Rev. Al Sharpton: “There is a difference between those calling for peace and those calling for quiet. Some of y'all don’t want peace, you just want quiet. You just want us to shut up and suffer in silence.”

This is the best video you will see all day… Al Sharpton Heckled In Baltimore: “You go back to New York!" “Our schools are failing us! Where are you when our schools are failing us? You’re just a hustler”

An intellectual Iron Curtain descended to protect black politicians—including ineffective ones like Rep. Cummings and even con men like the Rev. Al Sharpton—by denouncing their critics as racist, writes Fred Siegel

Is this real? If so it could only happen in 2018 folks: Al Sharpton’s Half-Brother Charged With Murder In Shooting One Day After Participating In Gun March