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Four different omicron coronavirus strains are infecting Minnesotans

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India’s first case of Omicron subvariant BA.4, detected in Hyderabad, INSACOG confirms. #Omicron  #Hyderabad 

A suspect was arrested in Norway after at least three people were stabbed with a sharp object, leaving one critically injured Friday, police said.

#Covid booster needed for broad protection against #Omicron  variants, studies show

Maharashtra witnessed a bumper onion production this year. This increased onion supply in the market by over 25%, causing a sharp decline in onion prices. The plummeting onion prices mean huge economic losses for onion farmers who are suffering losses of ₹10-15/kg. @Santia_Gora 

Funny, fabulous, full of sharp jokes and jabs, @carmenpelaez ’s ‘The Cuban Vote’ at Miami New Drama @ColonyTheatreMB  is a hilarious #BecauseMiami  must-see masterpiece. Every Thursday-Sunday until June 5th. Get tickets now:

At 40k we hit a top, a clear indicator that we would pull back from there. When your portfolio grows excessively and everyone is bullish, altcoins pumping and #Bitcoin  , it's time to sell. After an ATH in the portfolio there is usually a sharp drop, I say this from experience.

The newest subvariants of omicron appear to be presenting with three early symptoms.


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NEW: I’m not sure people appreciate quite how bad the Covid situation is in Hong Kong, nor what might be around the corner. First, an astonishing chart. After keeping Covid at bay for two years, Omicron has hit HK and New Zealand, but the outcomes could not be more different.

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The Technical Advisory Group on SARS-CoV-2 Virus Evolution met today to review what is known about the #COVID19  variant B.1.1.529. They advised WHO that it should be designated a Variant of Concern. WHO has named it Omicron, in line with naming protocols

NEW: for the first time in the pandemic, a Covid infection now carries less mortality risk than a flu infection in England, the result of widespread immunity and the emergence of a less virulent variant in Omicron. Our story:

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Spent the morning with this marvellous 99-year-old, who survived Holodomor, was sent to Austria by Nazis to work as forced labour, and still has razor sharp mind. Now living close to battles with Russian forces. Asked what she thought of Putin, she made an angry hand symbol.

@BTS_twt  took a time machine back to 1964 for their black-and-white performance, appearing in sharp suits and Beatles-esque haircuts to reenact one of the most iconic moments in boy band history

If there really is but 65 hospitalisations from Omicron, and one death, then the current paroxysm from state and media constitutes a crime again the economy and thus against the people.

BREAKING: Chairwoman of South African Medical Association says Omicron coronavirus variant is causing 'mild disease' and 'no prominent symptoms'

The reality is we have a sharp partisan divide in this country. And that divide is largely over reality.

@NCTsmtown_127  is looking SHARP on the #MTVEMA  carpet!! ??

America watches a very rude press interrupt and argue with and they keep digging their grave with their pens and their bare sharp teeth. What they aren’t used to is that fights back and doesn’t let them act like petulant brats.