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Via @InquirerUSA  Shares of Reddit-darling GameStop climbed on Thursday, rising more than 20% at one point in yet another unexplained move that left market watchers looking for a possible catalyst.

GameStop's business seemed to be on the verge of collapse, until company shares skyrocketed in January and February thanks to traders on Reddit

Shares of GameStop surged 19% on Thursday, bucking the broader market slump.

Shares in Reddit-favorite GameStop turned positive to climb as much as 19% intraday

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GameStop jumped as much as 19% in mid-afternoon trading as a wave of Reddit users appeared to rush back into shares, while the wider market sank

RKT, GameStop, AMC Short Squeezes. What Other Stocks Are the Reddit WallStreetBets Traders Targeting? Shares of Rocket Companies ($RKT) more than doubled on Tuesday’s session from $22 to nearly $50 by the close of after hours trading.

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Former Bank of England deputy governor Paul Tucker has urged US Congress to scrutinise clearers and brokers after January’s frenzied trading in GameStop shares

The top-performing Australian fund manager bought Bed Bath & Beyond shares expecting a GameStop-like trading frenzy, but is sticking with the stock for its long-term prospects


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A 25-year-old security guard was so enthusiastic about GameStop that he took out a $20,000 personal loan and used it to buy shares. Now his investment is down nearly 80%. Other small-time investors have lost big, too.

It isn’t just GameStop. Shares of everything from movie-theater chain AMC to retailer Bed Bath & Beyond have rocketed in recent weeks, thanks in part to a frenzy of online traders swapping tips and hatching strategies on Reddit.

JUST IN: Gamestop shares surge by over 90% at trade open

CNN's Chris Cuomo: "This looks like a move by an outfit called Robinhood, which is supposed to be taking from the rich and giving to the poor, and doing exactly the opposite." Robinhood CEO, after it barred traders from buying GameStop shares: "That's not what it is at all."

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$GME $AMC Robinhood Removes GameStop, AMC; Puts Notice On Pages Saying 'You Can Close Out Your Position On This Stock, But You Can Not Purchase Additional Shares'

GameStop went from being nearly bankrupt to seeing its shares up by 2,000% in less than a week — but how did it happen, what's Reddit have to do with it, and is it even legal? NowThis' @amandajchoy  is breaking down everything you need to know

GameStop’s shares were down 50% by midday Thursday, a sudden reversal as trading platforms including Robinhood limited users trading capabilities after wild gains for small traders and huge losses for some of Wall Street’s most sophisticated investors.

One trader on Reddit turned $53,566 into more than $11 million. This is how WallStreetBets pushed GameStop shares to the moon

GameStop was halted for trading after shares surged around 69%

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