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SBF last month: “I’m a genius unicorn wonder child that you should invest in” SBF today: “idk how companies are run, it’s really not my fault if you think about it”

NEW: We made a comprehensive podcast version of @greeneandy ’s list of the worst and most ludicrous music decisions of all time, from Scooter Braun buying Taylor Swift’s catalog to Garth Brooks deciding he’s a sexy rock star.

This blind man is genius. He uses echolocation to navigate the world, no cane, no guide dog.

The ⁦@TelegraphChristmas Charity Appeal is today! Brilliant charities to support, and ace Telegraph people on the lines including Matt the genius cartoonist. And the very non ace me. ❤️🎄❤️

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‘It became the new sexy’: has Western pop culture ruined yoga?

Mike Irvin: "They need to understand. I'm a genius at this. I've been putting teams together all my life. They thought because Nick left another Irvin wasn't going to come in and get it done. We can compete with anyone and we are ready to win the city and state championship."

I wanna start a media company and also throw sexy ass parties

“When the dick throbs the brain is in fog” - X, the Genius


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Anyone who has to call himself a genius...isn’t.

Happy Valentine’s Day you sexy people ! ??

@Drake  great to see a genius at work last night ?

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Apparently, I've been cracking open hard boiled eggs wrong my entire life. Genius...

Not all heroes wear capes...just the fucken sexy ones

Halloween is on its way and it's lookin sexy

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I think we played some sexy football tonight ??? Proud captain of this team and this club! © #YaGunnersYa  ❤ #M1 Ö

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OMG! OMG! Just found out that my sexy fierce fellas of won the award for Favorite Social Artist at the !!!! #amasgratulations '>Co #AMAsgratulations , and I'm soo soo proud to watch all of your success! ?