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Rob Lowe's son John Owen found out about his dad's 1988 sex tape from a classmate, not his parents

"Catering To Vote Bank": Activist On Centre Opposing Same-Sex Marriage

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A judge has granted the Maryland Attorney General’s Office permission to publicly release a redacted version of an investigative report detailing sex abuse allegations against more than 150 Roman Catholic priests.

Paddy ‘Mo’ Doherty — who captained the Down side which won the Sam Maguire in 1961 — is facing a string of historic sex charges dating back 40 years.

🔍 Air pollution is changing the mating behaviour of fruit flies, with males forming flirtatious same-sex conga lines because they can no longer sniff out females, scientists have found

Short said this: “I don’t think xxx “Gator” xxx will have an impact… in fact, I’d be surprised if he was still voting. It’s more likely he’ll be in prison for child sex trafficking. I’m surprised law enforcement let him talk…” The Devil We Know

Senate Bill 15 would require collegiate athletes to compete according to their sex at birth.

What is the greatest challenge you face when writing about characters of the opposite sex? #amreading  #AuthorsofTwitter 

A man who prosecutors say "terrorized" rural communities in Scioto County was sentenced to 40 years in prison for a child sex trafficking operation.


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Can't get through the day without thinking about Adam's poem in Season 3 of Sex Education

If you’re wondering why the pedophiles in Ghislaine Maxwell’s sex ring have never been named, here’s a potential clue

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what’s something you can say during sex but also when you manage a brand twitter account?

Elon Musk: - Bans violent accounts on Twitter - Bans child pornogrophy on Twitter - Bans sex trafficking on Twitter - Bans domestic terrorism on Twitter - Bans real-time doxxing of locations on Twitter (due to threats against children) Media: - Elon is making Twitter unsafe!

Instead of chasing child sex predators or terrorists, the FBI has agents — lots of them — analyzing and mass-flagging social media posts. Not as part of any criminal investigation, but as a permanent, end-in-itself surveillance operation. People should not be okay with this.

but have u seen my sex tape

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If Every time Men Had Sex, They Risked Death, Physical Disability,A Life Altering Interruption In Their Education,Or Career, & The Sudden Life Long Responsibility For Another Human Being,I Think They’d Expect A Choice In The Matter

Dear people citing The Bible: It’s a cool book with some wonderful passages but it also has ghost sex & giants & super babies & demons. It’s why we don’t make laws based on Game of Thrones, My Little Pony or Legend of Zelda.

Johnny Rotten of The Sex Pistols

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Over the past 15 years, Trump paid more for sex than he did in taxes.