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The Conservative's decision to cut Universal Credit is a political choice, not an economic necessity. If they can find £37bn for the shareholders of Serco, then they can find £6bn for the families and working people who've been hit hardest by this pandemic. #CancelTheCut 

Serco call centre workers raise safety concerns after colleague's COVID-19 death

Under its terms, Serco is contracted to perform duties including bin collections and street and drain cleaning until 2035.

🤯 The Home Office and Serco have placed vulnerable people, including families fleeing war, in a “completely unsuitable” hotel on Blackpool promenade near the World Fireworks Championships - by @mwolferobinson 

More than 100 refuse collectors at Serco Sandwell walked out on Wednesday after claims the firm failed to address a management culture of "bullying".

After months of disruption, we are all getting fed up of Serco’s failure to empty our bins. Further strikes are only going to impact hardworking council taxpayers. We all need Serco, the Council, and unions to sort this out.

Ever wondered what the Tories are spending taxpayers' money on and where it's all going? Straight into the pockets of Serco shareholders and executives. So far this year: £387m in Serco contracts, £5m salary for Serco's CEO, profits up 31% to £116m.

Serco did not make £37 billion “disappear”. £37 billion is the entire Test and Trace budget for two years. Only a fraction of this went to Serco.

Serco runs sites and organises contact follow-ups for the UK Test & Trace service $SRP #SRP 

$SRP Serco paid around £700mln so far for Test & Trace says minister #SRP  #Katie_Proactive 


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BREAKING: Serco awarded £10 billion contract to try and locate Dominic Raab.

Serco's CEO is the brother of a former Tory MP. His partner is a Tory Party donor. And Serco's former top spin doctor is the Tory Minister for Health. In Parliament, I just voted for Test and Trace funding to go to local public health teams, not Serco. The Tories voted it down.

Matt Hancock should have resigned over the Serco contract, the Care Home deaths, the PPE disaster and the treatment of NHS workers and carers.

Serco: Handed +£100m Test & Trace contracts. Serco's CEO: Brother of ex-Tory MP. His partner: Tory donor. Serco ex-PR head: Tory Health Minister. Head of Test & Trace: Tory peer. Her partner: Tory MP. That same Tory MP: Appointed "Anti-Corruption Champion". Beyond farcical.

Nurses have seen us through this crisis and saved many lives; if £37 billion can be found to pay SERCO for a failed Track & Trace system, surely we should just pay NHS staff properly. You can't clap for NHS workers and cut their pay at the same time.

Despite Serco's disastrous role in the test-and-trace scheme, their top two executives were handed £7.4m - including £5.5m bonuses - in 2020. The Tories' ideologically-driven obsession with outsourcing is failing the many whilst lining the pockets of the few. #SackSerco 

Why is it that “there is no money” when it comes to protecting working people but enough money to justify £16.5 billion extra in defence spending, £12bn to Serco for a failing Test & Trace system & millions in Covid contracts to individuals connected to the Conservative Party?

£12 billion has been spent on a failed track and trace scheme, simply to profit Serco. But just £5 billion is to be spent to prevent mass unemployment and save hundreds of thousands of employers. #Madness 

As someone who is very proud to have worked for the #NHS  for 25 years, can I politely ask every UK citizen to remember one thing today: It’s “Serco” track and trace, NOT “NHS” track and trace. The NHS is the country’s most trusted institution and we should not let Serco trash it

Dido Harding has a job - to provide a Test and Trace service. She's failed. Serco has failed. Deloitte has failed. In a real free-market economy they would lose their contracts and their jobs. But Covid has created a social-welfare economy where only the elite can take part.