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Russia’s devastating strategy, relying heavily on long-range artillery, suits the flat terrain and shorter Russian supply lines in the east, but might not work elsewhere.

The Deputy Prime Minister has knocked back questions over Anthony Albanese’s visit to Ukraine amid the disastrous floods smashing New South Wales.

Russia knows we’re in Ukraine, and there is no point of demarcation at which Russia can plausibly counter this presence without directly attacking the U.S. or its allies. Read more from @todlindberg  👉 #Ukraine  #Russia  #UnitedStates 

Images of traditional embroideries and floral paintings adorned the walls of Dior’s celebrity-laden runway homage to Ukraine as Paris’ four-day Couture Week kicked off Monday.

Russian MLRS vehicles destroyed by Ukrainian artillery UA 28th Brigade destroyed 2 units of the Russian Uragan MLRS and 2 loader vehicles

A member of Russia's Parliament has called for a new Cuban Missile Crisis between the United States and Russia to end the country's bogged-down war against Ukraine.

A local family that migrated from Ukraine shares their story.

A woman who moved to Winnipeg from Ukraine more than a decade ago says her translation skills helped two refugees who were attacked at The Forks on Friday. Michelle Karlenzig reports on their story and the concerns it's raised for newcomers.


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Outside Lviv station, which is thronging with exhausted refugees fleeing war in eastern Ukraine, an accomplished pianist is playing “What a Wonderful World.” It’s hauntingly beautiful.

Starlink service is now active in Ukraine. More terminals en route.

You can’t find baby formula in the United States right now but Congress is voting today to send $40 billion to Ukraine. Let’s put America First for a change.

Go to Google Maps. Go to Russia. Find a restaurant or business and write a review. When you write the review explain what is happening in Ukraine. Idea via @Konrad03249040 

Just listened to an interview with the father of a Russian soldier who had been captured in Ukraine. After praying for his son’s safety, he said, with visible anger: “Why aren’t the sons of oligarchs out there fighting this senseless war? Where are they? Who needs this war?”

People of the World…Reporting from the Ukraine border! This is one of the places @WCKitchen  has hot meals. It is below freezing tonight & I am meeting so many refugees, families who are escaping & don’t know what’s next…We will do our best not to let them down! #ChefsForUkraine 

This is for the ones who stood their ground... Odessa, Ukraine. #SlavaUkraini  UA

Starlink has been told by some governments (not Ukraine) to block Russian news sources. We will not do so unless at gunpoint. Sorry to be a free speech absolutist.

The transcript of the call reads like a classic mob shakedown: – We do a lot for Ukraine – There’s not much reciprocity – I have a favor to ask – Investigate my opponent – My people will be in touch Nice country you got there. It would be a shame if something happened to her.