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Republicans didn't think they'd have to defend these three Senate seats. Let's flip 'em all!

Millions of “Americans relied on unemployment aid” at the end of last month. Why are Mitch McConnell and Senate Republicans still refusing to extend emergency unemployment relief?

#MTPTheLid : Democratic Senate challengers are raising gobsmacking amounts of money right now In the midst of a pandemic that's gutted jobs ... small donors are giving out cash money — to Democrats challenging Republicans.

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DFLers! On Saturday, July 11, we will be hosting a socially distanced rally. We need your help to demand Senate Republicans to act on substantial police reform ahead of the next special session. *Masks and social distancing required.

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Coming up on #tytlive : New @ProjectLincoln  Ad Takes A Flame Thrower To Senate Republicans

Cutting off unemployment benefits during a health & economic crisis is reckless & would ignore millions of Americans still suffering. I joined my colleagues on a letter urging the president & Senate Republicans to extend federal unemployment benefits.

@rihanna  @lizzo  @MariahCarey  & HUNDREDS of others support the #GeorgeFloydLaw . You marched in support of the #GeorgeFloyd  #JusticeinPolicing  Act. Now send a message to @realDonaldTrump  and Senate Republicans that it’s time for ACTION. .

Senate Democrats and Republicans, those at State House and participating remotely, heading into separate caucuses right now to continue police reform bill talks. #mapoli 

You marched. You protested. You demanded change. Now send a message to @realDonaldTrump  and Senate Republicans that it’s time to pass the #GeorgeFloyd  Justice in Policing Act. ✍️Sign up to be a citizen co-sponsor TODAY at .

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MNUCHIN to CNBC: “As soon as the Senate gets back, we’re going to sit down on a bipartisan basis with the Republicans and the Democrats and it will be our priority to make sure between the 20th and the end of the month that we pass the next [coronavirus aid] legislation.”


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Make sure your friends see this: Here’s what Senate Republicans blocked last week.

What Senate Republicans BLOCKED last week —Rental assistance —Food assistance —Funding for COVID testing & tracing —Protections for workers —Protections for Dreamers —Resources for elections —Resources for schools & nursing homes —Resources for state & local governments & tribes

Here’s what Senate Republicans have blocked this week: Rental assistance: BLOCKED Food assistance: BLOCKED Resources for schools and nursing homes: BLOCKED Resources for state and local governments and tribes: BLOCKED Resources for elections: BLOCKED

Tomorrow @SenatorTimScott  and the Senate Republicans have a Great Bill, the #JUSTICEAct , up for a vote. Will be great for both people of color and police - in fact, has major police support. Rebuilding trust and keeping communities safe! Hope to sign it into law ASAP!

Hope that all House Republicans will vote against Crazy Nancy Pelosi’s War Powers Resolution. Also, remember her “speed & rush” in getting the Impeachment Hoax voted on & done. Well, she never sent the Articles to the Senate. Just another Democrat fraud. Presidential Harassment!

BREAKING: Senate Democrats just tried to get Senate Republicans to adjourn for a few days and take the time to actually read their tax bill. RT if you agree that reading bills before they’re voted on is the least we can do.

Remember Republicans, the Democrats already had 17 witnesses, we were given NONE! Witnesses are up to the House, not up to the Senate. Don’t let the Dems play you!

When Pres. Trump rails against Dems for doing nothing, he may be confused by how government works. I will explain. If you pass bills in the House (gun control, election security, etc.) and they die in the Senate the do nothings are McConnell and his fellow Republicans.

What the hell are Mitch McConnell and the Senate Republicans waiting for?  Declare the House Democrats’ impeachment null and void NOW!  The House left for a long recess before sending the articles to the Senate.  Enough!  The speaker doesn’t run the country.